Reach your objectives with the right strategy!

We are a full-service design agency for your local needs. In this fast-changing world, companies need to evolve. Utilizing a human-centered design process is a great way to create direct and positive impact while achieving your objectives. NFT uses creative interventions to leverage your opportunities in local and city context while addressing some of the most complex challenges and issues facing brands today. In NFT we work creatively to face your specific competitive scenario. 

Collaboration and working with multidisciplinary teams will be a part of your journey. Workshops and brainstorming sessions will be core to our work. 

Are you ready to transform your company? Say "yes" and we can start ASAP.


  • Create impact with human-centered design
  • We will make a customised strategy for you
  • Diversify the urban audience you are reaching
  • Develop direct, long lasting and valuable relationships with your audiences
  • Increase loyalty in your audiences


Some examples of our design services

According to your specific needs we will develop the strategy you need using human-centered design and methodologies like Design Thinking. The following are some examples of the strategies we developed for different brands.




Earth Day was the ideal time to promote collaboration and community building at Morningside Park. NFT created the invitations so locals could join the event and enjoy many eco friendly and artistic activities. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 11.27.54.png


The NFT website contains a database of listings - over 50,00. Web-only content began being created in the form of longer feature essays for each city as well as shorter 100-word reviews called "On Our Radar." Now, we have over 100 feature essays across all the cities and there are thousands of "On Our Radar" reviews.


We have a database of 20,000+ loyal NFT subscribers. You can include your brand or content within our newsletters or we can even create a dedicated newsletters for you which will be delivered to all of our subscribers.


Whether you're on the subway at rush hour or in the middle of a city park on a lazy Sunday, the NFT iPhone applications will be there for you. NFT's iPhone app puts the most exciting cities on the planet in the comfort of your own pocket. With beautiful custom maps and thousand of essential listings, NFT applications will help you accomplish any task in just a few seconds.




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