1. What is NFT?

Not For Tourists is a comprehensive urban lifestyle brand that taps into the zeitgeist of a city’s local splendor. NFT can leverage everything at its disposal to help support and connect to your brand -- from their proprietary Content Management System to iPhone apps, award-winning city guides, a dynamic website, a submersible capable of exploring the Marianas Trench, and an international team of urban explorers that are experts at generating a whole host of print and digital assets, design services, and “local” strategic consulting.

2. How can I work with NFT?

Pick the service you are interested in or tell us your specific needs and ideas. Just shoot Anna Termine an e-mail or call her at :

3. What is the working process with NFT?

Collaborative. We’re just a pleasure. Really.
Contact Anna, explain what you think you need, grab a coffee with us, and let’s create a great project together!

4. Who is involved in the NFT team?

Jane. Rob. Possibly Craig, Scott, Juan, or Aaron. Perhaps an amazing illustrator like Simon Fraser. Or any one of our uber-creative designers. And, of course, anyone we need from House Targaryen, if dragons become necessary.

5. Where can I see examples of previous projects?


6. Is there a minimum order?

Well generally Jane and Rob don’t move from their corner booth at Nobu for less than $500,000, but in your case, they’ll make an exception.

7. How much can I customize the NFT guides and maps?

You want fries with that? No problem, we can get you fries with that.

8. Does NFT offer Design Thinking Consulting and/or Workshops?

Yes, but we’ll go much deeper (read Jane’s bio).


9. I want to work with NFT but I don’t find what I want in the Services list.

Then our Services list is INCOMPLETE. We’ll add it, unless it’s roofing. We don’t do roofing.

10. Can I work with NFT if I am not in the US?

Absolutely. Actually, we’d prefer it. (Did we say that out loud?)

11. What type of design can NFT offer?

A design that comes in a box. Or on a piece of cake. Or with a side of bacon. Or with all the colours of the rainbow, except for pink. Unless your company identity uses pink, in which case, we LOVE pink.