NFT. On the iPhone. Now Available. Sweet.


Now Available: Manhattan & San Francisco
Coming Soon: London!

Not For Tourists (NFT) is a collective of writers who live, work, explore, and play in major U.S. and European cities. We’re constantly on the lookout for the most amazing urban places from mouthwatering restaurants to offbeat landmarks to the coolest indie shops. NFT is like having a best friend in every neighborhood.

NFT on the iPhone puts the world’s best cities in the comfort of your own pocket. Packed with detailed neighborhood descriptions, thousands of listings, and beautiful custom interactive maps, you can browse by ‘nabe on the train or find the closest thing you need right now on the city streets—whether it’s a hip coffee shop (you’re sleepy), power lunch spot (you’re business savvy), old-school dive bar (you’re thirsty), private library (you’re brainy), farmers market (you’re healthy), or hotel by the hour (you’re…we won’t go there).

But here’s the real deal. NFT isn’t the Yellow Pages, Yelp. We won’t waste your time by serving you five zillion listings just because they’re in our database. NFT will give you places that we actually think are GOOD with punchy, honest descriptions that will make you laugh out loud. NFT also isn’t like other guidebook apps that just regurgitate boring book content and then charge an arm and leg for it. The NFT iPhone app is a totally new concept that locals and travelers will appreciate.

So let’s review: Amazing maps, invaluable listings, neighborhood overviews, entertaining blurbs for each listing, all on your iPhone for only $4.99. Why isn’t it free, you ask? Because: you get what you pay for, dear friends…trust us. We won’t let you down.

Here’s hoping you find what you need...

Jane Pirone
Not For Tourists