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Address: n/a, New York, NY 11770
Neighborhood: Greater New York Area     Book: New York
Landmarks No cars allowed. Love it!

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Fair Harbor: More Beach For The Rest Of Us
Posted by:  Sarah Enelow

Maybe Fort Tilden is more crowded on weekends than it used to be, but Fire Island's Fair Harbor is a solid alternative. It'll take about two and a half hours to get there by LIRR and ferry, which is fine for a day trip, especially considering that it might take you that long to reach Fort Tilden anyway, depending on where you live. Fair Harbor will reward you with a truly beautiful, some might say pristine, non-commercial beach. There are a few amenities there (a public bathroom, a store, a restaurant) but not enough to ruin anything, and there are still no cars allowed. But let's face it, neither Fair Harbor nor Fort Tilden are likely to become "overrun" anytime soon, because most people are too lazy to trek out to either location. Have fun sleeping in on Saturday! That's just more beach for the rest of us.

Photo:  Sarah Enelow
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Fire Island
Posted by:  Annie Karni

Sometimes it takes leaving New York City to remember why you bother living here at all. When the claustrophobia you feel in your small apartment and experience in the routine of your daily life reaches its peak, it’s time for a mini-vacation to Fire Island. The national seashore is accessible by ferry only (no cars allowed), adding to the impression of being packed off to camp or some other remote territory, when in reality, you’re hanging out just an hour east of the city. The skinny island is one-mile wide at its girth-iest, and at many points, you can spy on the bay and the ocean at the same time. The island has earned itself a reputation as a gay-friendly destination, and while Cherry Grove hosts its fair share of ABBA parties into the wee hours, communities such as Ocean Beach are much quieter. We suggest you do your research before you go to choose a Fire Island location that’s right for you.

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