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Address: 233 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016 (Cross street: W 27th St)
Neighborhood: Flatiron / Lower Midtown     Book: New York
Phone: 212-689-6337
Museums We'd prefer "sex in a musuem," but whatever.

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Feb 28
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A Visit To New York City's Museum Of Sex
Posted by:  Sarah Enelow

If you haven't been to MoSex, I bet I know why: the $17.50 price tag. Well guess what? Any decent sex party charges a premium to keep the lecherous vagrants out, so pony up! Right now they're showing excellent footage from the 1930s onward, from possibly the earliest stag film to subtle innuendo, sexploitation, and the incredible contemporary project "Beautiful Agony," which celebrates the faces of "la petite mort." I also recommend an arresting series of photographs titled "Estranged Sex," on display right next to a Picasso. Most of the museum's accompanying text isn't very informative, but there's an antidote to that in the scientific gallery, at which you're greeted by a replica of two Bonobo chimps banging their lady parts. So there's something for everyone. MoSex has recently recreated their storefront and expanded their gallery space, and they have a nice bar downstairs serving aphrodisiacs, so hit the ATM, get the $3 coupon from their website, and go. And take heart, it's cheaper than a night at Paddles.

Photo:  Sarah Enelow
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Museum of Sex
Posted by:  Diana Pizzari

The Museum of Sex is a serious homage to the history of sex, with a permanent collection of more than nine thousand objects somehow related to human sexuality, from drawings and paintings to historical methods of birth control. Aside from the ever-growing collection, the museum offers rotating exhibitions, including the current Stags, Smokers, and Blue Movies: The Origins of American Pornographic Film. Complete with showings of original black and white films from the late sixties and numerous explicit photographs, this is not the place for the purist. It is, however, a very interesting look into a world that remains taboo for many. If you’re brave enough (I wasn’t), the museum is currently undertaking a project called Mapping Sex in America, where you’re asked to record your personal sex history as part of the museum’s effort to chronicle Americans’ sexual customs for future generations.

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Museum of Sex
Posted by:  Stephanie Pekarsky

Smack in the midst of buffet-style eateries, high-rise hotels, and other sleepy-looking buildings sits the Museum of Sex, screaming sensuality with window-length half-nudes and the promise of something sinful. Surprisingly enough, however, the museum is more educational than anything else, presenting pinups through the ages, explanations of foot-binding and Chinese eroticism, and more. The latest exhibits explore objectification of the male body, the origins of American pornographic film, and other interesting aspects of human sexuality. After viewing numerous 3-D sexpots and learning enough sex trivia to make you the life of any cocktail party, you can round out your visit with a stop in the museum gift shop. Just as intriguing as the exhibits themselves, the shop offers erotic photography, scads of vibrators, erotic origami, and whatever else your little libido desires.

Photo:  Stephanie Pekarsky
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