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Radar Image Ruby Violet

You Scream, I Scream

It's been too hot to write this week. I've mainly been eating ice cream. And having heard talk of Ruby Violet, it was the perfect excuse for a jaunt to Tufnell Park. I looked at the website beforehand, and was eager to try the peach and rosewater flavour; alas, this being a homemade ice-cream parlour, one has to choose from what is available on the day. No bother, as the apricot and sour cream combo sounded equally delectable. A scoop of that plus a scoop of lime sorbet was just the ticket. The ... Continue

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Radar Image Railway Fields Nature Reserve

A Shady Lane

"Green Lanes? What's so green about them?" I hear you say. Well, I have found a spot which may go a small way in justifying the name. Behind the magical gates opposite Green Lanes train station is a little oasis of calm. It used to be a railway goods depot before it was reclaimed and although not a huge space, when you walk to the end you feel positively miles away from the city--it's so quiet. When I was there, there was a woman walking her dog and someone meditating on a bench. Unfortunately i ... Continue

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Radar Image The Step

Stuck in the Myddle With You

I've got a feeling about Edwardian shopping street, Myddleton Road. Previously most famous for the oldest underpants on display in London, I've got a feeling it's going to be rejuvenated in the not too distant future. They already have a quarterly street market and they also have The Step. The Step is your regular unassuming neighbourhood bar/café/restaurant but it has a real community feel. When I was there ... Continue

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Radar Image Tord Boontje Shop

Design for Living

Back in the early noughties, a designer called Tord Boontje created a lampshade called Garland. It wasn't really a lampshade in the conventional sense more of a lamp "embellishment" as the laser cut sheet metal simply draped itself around the rather sad looking lone light bulb hanging from your ceiling. Back then, the item was sold as a limited edition at Habitat. Not only do I remember the price being a little prohibitive but more annoyingly, the damn things kept selling out. To be honest, the ... Continue

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Radar Image Fabrique Bakery

Cracking Cinnamon Buns

Midsummer's eve occurred at the weekend, a time when the hours of daylight are at their zenith--from there on in, the hours of daylight decrease. The Scandinavians are acutely aware of this as, of course, theirs is the land of the midnight sun, but come winter, they are plunged into darkness. Do not fear though, the Scandinavians have come up with a great way of dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (amongst other things such as Nordic Noir, the word smörgåsbord, The Moomins, saunas, and Roxe ... Continue

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Radar Image Blend

You Can Find the Perfect Blend

My new hood is within the locale of Green Lanes or Harringay according to NFT London. The nabe does not get a very good rap in the guidebook--"a gazillion kebab places" is not a very fair or accurate portrayal of a stretch which has some pretty incredible Turkish food on offer. But if Turkish brekkie is not your bag, there's Blend. Blend has been getting very good reviews for its brunches which do indeed sound delectable. However, I was sad to hear that after opening in the evenings for a few we ... Continue

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Radar Image The Book Club

Crap Film Club

We like the Book Club. We like Crap Film Club too. Which is good because every couple of months, Crap Film Club pitches up at the Book Club on a Tuesday night. Previous screenings this year have included spectacularly crap films, Birdemic and Miami Connection. On Tuesday, June 17, 2014 it's the film that John Barrowman would rather you didn't see, that's right, it's Shark Attack III Megalodon (don't worry about the previous two). The evening is suitably laid-back with crap snacks on hand, usuall ... Continue

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Radar Image Healthy Stuff

I Got the Juice

I'm amazed at how hard it is to find fresh juice in Hackney (as an aside, I'm also amazed that no-one has set up an entirely gluten-free and dairy-free café--come on Hackney! Keep up! No doubt someone is probably squirreling away to make this a reality as I type; if not, it is definitely on my "to do" list). But lo and behold, there is Healthy Stuff on Dalston Lane. It's actually been here since 2011, however it's in a part of the neighbourhood that I rarely frequent. My loss, obviously, as ther ... Continue

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Salad Club

There's nothing like being in on a city secret; it makes you feel like you're one step ahead of the crowd.  Thousands of people eat out in London daily but few visit a secret destination run by food enthusiasts, complete with mystery menu. Secret supper clubs are London?s latest craze.


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Jeremy Paxman Is Wrong

Don't let John Parton's swaggering discursiveness fool you. He may not leave his house til nightfall, nor form an explicitly user-friendly sentence, but he sure knows his way around the city he loves. Read on for the poetical journey of one man's jaunt among famous gravestones, "Georgian money shots," the siren calls of sari-hawkers and adulatory attention of miscreants.

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