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Radar Image Brown Bear Coffee & Home

Little Brown Bear, I Love Thee

Twas the Saturday before Christmas and Islington was aflurry with shoppers when all my friend and I wanted was a decent coffee. An amble down Cross Street delivered. Brown Bear Coffee and Home is slightly hidden being set back from the pavement but make your way in for Coleman coffee beans, smoothies, juices, and sandwiches. We sat at the bar in the shop window people-watching as a wedding party sallied on by but there's a cosy basement lounge too. My buddy had a deliciously flaky almond croissa ... Continue

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Radar Image Nusa Kitchen

Souper Duper

I found myself in Clerkenwell today and began reminiscing about my first job in London which was in this very hood. Back in 2006, Nusa was my regular lunch stop. Something about their soups comforts and reassures. Influenced by Eastern flavours it's common to find the likes of Chilli Chicken and Prawn Laksa on the menu but anything spicy goes and other options today included Prawn Jambalaya and Yucatan Tortilla (FYI they do delicious spicy breakfasts, too). At around £4.95, the soups are hearty ... Continue

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Radar Image Autograf Grill

Moreish Polish

There is a character in Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch called Boris whose mother was Polish and father is Ukrainian, while he was born in Siberia. Whichever dingy bar he's in, wherever it is in the world, whether it's New York or Amsterdam, he manages to conjure up a selection of side plates which appeal to his Slavic palate. I think Boris would like eating in this place. Before our starters arrive we are offered some Polish bread, gherkins, and a spread made up of fat and pork scratchings. Sounds ... Continue

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Radar Image Bun & Bar

I Haz Cheeseburger?

Bun & Bar sells itself primarily as a gastropub yet rather cannily they've jumped on the burger bandwagon. Just when you thought the trend had reached saturation point along comes this Johnny-come-lately. Well, I'm glad because on a Friday night I don't have to wrestle the crowds at Meat Liquor or Patty + Bun. I say that but last week at 9 pm, this little joint was hopping and we could only get a seat outside. A shame because a major draw seems to be the live music, something the bar is committe ... Continue

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Radar Image Radar Image Eat 17

King of Convenience

Not so long ago, there was a definition being bandied about by the press: "Andism." It was being applied to the likes of cafes which were also bike repair shops, and boutiques that were also bars. Well, Eat 17 is beyond Andism: it's a convenience store, burger bar, restaurant, florist, bakery, off licence, and many other things due to the ingenious housing of numerous local brands and suppliers under one roof. A bit like a farmers' market but you don't have to wait for the weekend and you can al ... Continue

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Radar Image O'Neill's

The Holy Trinity

Why would I be recommending an O'Neill's pub if you are, "not a tourist," in Muswell Hill? Or indeed if you are a tourist in Muswell Hill? Well because this one is a ruddy great converted church, that's why. Dating back to somewhere between 1899 and 1903 this flint and terracotta Presbyterian Church is quite a sight to behold. The only worship going on here though is at the altars of Sports, Music, and Booze. On a Saturday, there's big screen premiership action, plus there's a program of regular ... Continue

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Radar Image Brouhaha

A Justifiable Brouhaha

Brouhaha used to be The Garden Ladder, one of only a couple of stolid listings for the Harringay neighbourhood in the NFT London book since the first edition back in 2009. The locals were quite worried when it closed down but it seems that Paresh and Dipesh (who have taken over) have done well with the new incarnation. I'm not a great ale or beer drinker but the guest draft beverages were a major draw of the Garden Ladder and Brouhaha sold out of their Redemption beers on tap at the opening nigh ... Continue

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Radar Image ArtHouse

The Not So Big Screen

I like cinemas, but people in cinemas? Not so much. I don't want to sound like a killjoy but why do people talk through the trailers? Why do people take their shoes off? Why do people bring their stinky, yet no doubt, healthy houmous and celery sticks into the cinema? It's the cinema people! Eat the popcorn! I know I've seen the trailer for 20,000 Days On Earth three times in the last fortnight but I don't care about your friend who's just published a scientific paper on fruit flies! (I'm not ma ... Continue

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Salad Club

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