We developed this section to reassure you about the experience we have in the multiple services we offer. 



Custom Guides

We created a series of custom guides to sports in New York for the "Empire Tested" campaign. This is the example is focused on tennis. With energetic text and images, this guide illustrates the one-of-a-kind New York's sports scene. The information included ranges from How to play Tennis in New York City to Player Profiles, list of courts, an insider information on how to get started.



Custom Guides

We developed a co-created with Riot a customised Guide to Los Angeles. This nearly 200 page guide provides content created for new "Rioters" as a welcome gift. This way, new Riot workers could get to know Los Angeles through the local perspective of the Riot brand. They could just grad the guide, start exploring the city by themselves and have a unique experience!



Design Services

Whether you're on the subway at rush hour or in the middle of a city park on a lazy Sunday, the NFT iPhone applications will be there for you. NFT's iPhone app puts the most exciting cities on the planet on the comfort of your own pocket. With beautiful custom maps and thousand of essential listings, NFT applications will help you accomplish any task in just a few seconds.

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NFT Custom Maps

Custom Mapping

NFT Wallet Maps put any city in the comfort of your own pocket. Getting around town has never been easier thanks to NFT’s stylish and user-friendly design. Pull it out. Check your destination. Fold it up. Repeat as necessary. NFT will work with you to design a customized wallet map that promotes your company or event. The cover and facing pages can be modified to include relevant information along with a map that identifies specific locations or routes. 


NFT & Olive & Bette's

Custom Mapping

We worked with Olive & Bette's to develop promotional postcards for their Manhattan locations. The company provided us with listings for shopping, restaurants, and activities that could be found around their stores, and we produced a postcard for each of the Olive & Bette's locations that featured a map on the neighborhood with numbered icons for each listing plotted on the map along with the nearest subway locations.


NFT & Corcoran Group

Content Licensing

The real estate company licensed our information in order to make customised handouts of different neighbourhoods around the New York area. These contained unique local information about restaurants, coffees, shopping spots and nightlife. They also included the realtor's information. This provided a value-add for the agents to provide a quick, easy, and detailed overview about the neighbourhood associated with the property.


NFT & Barnes and noble

Custom Mapping

We created an ad featuring the position of every Barnes & Noble store in Manhattan. We designed an overview map of New York City, then plotted all of the area's locations, including listings of the address and phone number of every store in the outer boroughs.



NFT & NYU Wagner

Custom Mapping

We partnered with different universities to create a wide range of Custom Maps. We worked with NYU Wagner School of Public Service to create an original online neighbourhood map showing where most of the students reside. It is a nice visual display of the student population around New York that shows the relationship of the NYU Wagner community to the city they study, work, and live in.