Small Remembrance of Ships Past

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Business/Location: RMS Titanic Memorial (closed)
Address: 47-08 11th St
City: New York
State: NY
Zip Code: 11101

Posted by:  Tommy Rudnick
Photo:  Tommy Rudnick
   RMS Titanic Memorial
The only Titanic Memorial I know of is located in Long Island City. On 11th St. near the base of the Pulaski Bridge (the one that connects Queens and Greenpoint), the memorial doesn't necessarily pop out in relief unless you're looking for it (and now you'll have no excuse). There's a flagpole, three fountains, lots of plastic flowers, porcelain cupids, a small wooden replica of the ship, photos of survivors, a photo of the captain, a Welcome sign, a No Peddlers sign, a Photography Permitted Sign, an ADA Security Systems sign. There's also a wide variety of plastic squirrels and frogs. And a bronze Jesus statue. It's about as wide and as tall as a townhouse. And why is this? Because it actually is someone's townhouse. Joe Coletti, a local nightclub manager, has always had an affinity for the story of the Titanic's maiden and fatal voyage. For the last 20 odd years, Titanic facts and memorabilia have accumulated on the facade of his house--a small homage to the 4-city-block-long ship and the 1522 passengers who died almost a century ago.

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Submitted on: 11/11/2008 10:33:39 AM      
By: Michael Dale
Comment: There's also the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse, built in 1913, which used to stand beside the Seaman's Church Institute. When their building was demolished it was donated to the South Street Seaport Museum and has been standing there since 1976. There is also a plaque outside the Hotel Riverview on Jane Street, explaining how it was used to shelter newly arrived Titanic survivors.