NFT Holiday Party

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Business/Location: Fontana's
Address: 105 Eldridge St
City: New York
State: NY
Zip Code: 10002
Phone: 212-334-6740

Posted by:  Rebecca Katherine Hirsch
Photo:  Emily Suber
They may take our money. But they can never take... our NFT Party! So come on down while you still have the use of your limbs to walk to Fontana's (105 Eldridge b/w Broome and Grand) on December 3, from 6-9 pm (with possible after-party in the NFT office cellar). This gigantic, on-the-house NFT extravaganza is brought to you courtesy of the writers, designers, domestics and master builders of Not For Tourists, in honor of ten beautiful years of impeccable city-maps, sassy discursive descriptions and our staggering ability to withstand the economic tremors that have done in so many, better-prepared others. Which brings us to our final pitch: In these trying times, your company's Holiday Party was probably canceled. Our Holiday Party features free liquor, free 2009 NYC NFTs (while supplies/whims last) and the unique opportunity to mingle in a quiet and civilized manner with other like-minded NFTers. Come. We'll be waiting.

Click here to download and print the PDF invite.

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