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Business/Location: Northgate Mall
Address: 401 NE Northgate Way
City: Seattle
State: WA
Zip Code: 98125
Phone: 206-362-4778

Posted by:  Suzanne Rugh
Photo:  Suzanne Rugh
   Northgate Mall
We all knew the Northgate Mall was a little outdated. Walking in was like taking a trip back in time to the regrettable early nineties. Especially the sad west end that was never even worth the hike to begin with because the only thing you’d find were those nerdy stores, Wizards of the Coast and Gottschalks (which always made me feel dirty for some reason). For all of you that gave up on the Northgate Mall, it’s worth a trip back. They are totally revamping the country’s first indoor mall (or so the story goes) especially the west end with a brand new Barnes and Noble (already open). They’ve even kicked out the Wizards and Gottschalks to make way for a DSW and Bed Bath and Beyond (both coming soon). A host of new stores are sporadically opening up throughout including a Wet Seal and a Torrid among other actual clothing stores to hopefully replace all of those jewelry shops (how the hell they stayed in business I’ll never know). You’ll also find new restaurants like the Ram, Macaroni Grill and some steak house that’s apparently a chain but I’ve never heard of it (Stanford’s, who?). I know none of these stores are ground breaking or even that exciting but at least they’re trying to replace the stank with a little swank.

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Submitted on: 5/28/2009 4:12:50 PM      
By: ~
Comment: Wizards of the Coast closed down all its retail stores back in 2004 when Hasbro shut them down due to not having faith in those "geeky stores" you're insulting. do some research before you spout out of your pie hole. you're a douche. especially for thinking that ANOTHER Bed, Bath, and Beyond and ANOTHER cookie-cutter Barnes and Noble will make the world a better place.