World Peace Inducingly Good

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Business/Location: Lunchbox Laboratory
Address: 1253 Thomas St
City: Seattle
State: WA
Zip Code: 98109
Phone: 206-621-1090

Posted by:  Karen Watson
Photo:  Karen Watson
   Lunchbox Laboratory
The menu is confusing and overwhelming. The tables are covered in cringe-inducing, slightly crusty black velvet. The space is tiny and smells like grease. The burgers are shockingly expensive. But they are also world peace inducingly good. Like if Shimon Peres and Mahmoud Abbas sat down over a Super Baby Beef Burger with maple bacon, caramelized onions, and Satan's Habanero Ketchup they could reach an agreement. First you choose your meat from a selection of Dork (a duck and pork burger), Lawrence Velk (venison and elk), lamb, veggie falafel, or plain Jane cow. Now it's time to channel your inner Beaker and play mad scientist. Experiment. Get crazy. Layer on the cheeses, toppings, and sauces for a fifteen dollar burger you and your intestines won't soon forget. Even the sides switch it up on you. Pick a potato--tot, sweet, or shoestring--and then decide on a fry salt. Everyone chooses bacon, even the vegetarians.

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Submitted on: 2/12/2009 1:19:42 PM      
By: Michael Gerstle
Comment: I completely disagree. I think this place is overpriced and nasty. Seattle has much better burgers (Red Mill), which are cheaper, and don't involve you sitting in a TINY cramped room, or outside as cars go by on one of Seattle's busiest roads. I really can't believe this place is still around.

Submitted on: 2/17/2009 4:49:36 PM      
By: Ian Duggan
Comment: I thought the food was excellent. I think that is what the writer was saying. She clearly states that the decor is not all that. When I want one tasty burger, I will head back here yo!