The Modern Antiquarian

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Business/Location: Cafe Antiquari
Address: 5 Carrer Arabi
City: Palma
State: Mallorca
Zip Code: 07003
Phone: 34 871 572 313

Posted by:  Claire Storrow
Photo:  Claire Storrow
   Cafe Antiquari
I hate to say it folks but we're in the last week of September, the dying embers of summer are just about still glowing but October is around the corner. So of course, your roving reporter ran away to Mallorca for a bit. I love this island. It's no longer about package holidays and lager louts (although, you can still find that if that's what you want) and I find the street culture in Palma very interesting. The graffiti is almost painterly and on a par with anything you see in East London and there's a healthy enthusiasm for vintage. Perhaps because it's an island, the quality of antiques is particularly good and if you're a geek for cameras or clocks, you're likely to find something here. Café Antiquari (as its name suggests) epitomizes this antiquarian aesthetic and serves the best drinks in town. Every day we enjoyed one (or two) of their generous mojitos or sangrias (or both) and it became one of those lovely holiday rituals to sit on the steps of Carrer Arabi and people-watch. Owner Francois is on to a winner with this place so drop in and say hello if you happen to be on the island.

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