Pizza In Beyoglu

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Business/Location: Miss Pizza
Address: Havyar Sk 7
City: Beyoglu
State: N/A
Zip Code: 34430
Phone: 90 212 251 3279

Posted by:  oliver ray
Photo:  oliver ray
   Miss Pizza
Long flights drain me. So when my wife and I got into our hotel room we were hungry and tired and didn't want to venture far. So we looked out our window and saw Miss Pizza. We figured it was close and then we could sleep. We sat down and saw that the menu was very broad. All the pizzas sounded great and light. Mostly they were vegetarian which sounded great at that moment. We ordered a pizza each and noticed immediately that they made it right away in their wood fired brick oven. We saw that the dough was rolled out and our ingredients were put on fresh. When the food came out, it was exquisite and we were so satisfied that we almost cried. Well not really, but it was pretty damn good. One thing I noticed over all in Turkey is that the freshness of their food is much better than you'd expect in other Western counties, and this place was no exception. I highly recommend it because it is surprisingly hard to find GOOD Turkish food in Istanbul and if you're in the New City part of town it can be very worth your time. Also, you could smoke indoors which surprised me. That could be a plus or a minus depending on who you are, but every restaurant lets you in this city. Their salads are top notch too, and again, very fresh. Also you can eat here without going hungry or getting stuffed without breaking the bank, which is important when traveling. Try the Neapolitan pizza!

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