Oakland Museum Bike Tour

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Business/Location: Oakland Museum of California
Address: 1000 Oak St
City: Oakland
State: CA
Zip Code: 94607
Phone: 510-318-8400
Website: www.museumca.org

Posted by:  Eva Silverman
Photo:  Eva Silverman
   Oakland Museum of California
Here's one reason to wake up early on a Sunday morning: The Oakland Museum's free bike tours. Jam packed with local history, the leisurely tour, led by a docent guide, will tell you everything you wanted to know about the intricacies of Oakland urbanity. Did you know that part of Oakland used to be a city named Brooklyn? Or that Gertrude Stein once lived at the Tubbs Hotel (on 12th between 4th and 5th), which has long ago burnt down. Or that Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, a people's park at the Port of Oakland, was created from the dirt excavated to create BART? Picture an eclectic group of history buffs/Oakland enthusiasts/people who bike for fun taking over the streets and spinning the dirt on the city. If you think you know the city so well, YOU too can be a docent. Tours are the 3rd Sunday of the month between May and October. They’re around 2 hours long and mostly cover flat terrain, so feel free to bring your Cruiser. Currently they cover West Oakland, Fruitvale, Brooklyn, Port of Oakland and Downtown Oakland. The tours are free, but you need to register in advance.

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