Heirloom Tomatoes

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Business/Location: Lake Merritt Farmers Market
Address: Grand Ave & Lake Park Ave
City: Oakland
State: CA
Zip Code: 94610

Posted by:  Eva Silverman
Photo:  Eva Silverman
   Lake Merritt Farmers Market
If you frequent the Oakland-Berkeley-San Francisco farmers markets, your eyes have adjusted to the glorious, colorful variety of tomatoes that choose this time of year to become ripe and delicious. There are cherry and grape tomatoes so sweet and juicy; you eat them like candy. Or, you might be purely attracted to the kind we call heirloom, the family jewels so to speak that are larger, edgier, grumpier and more imperfect than the standard red tomatoes you eat in your salad the rest of the year. With names like Brandywine, German Green, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Marble Stripe, and Berkeley Tie-Dye, they have a teenage battle of the bands quality with a grown-up feel. At the Lake Merritt farmer’s market on Saturdays, Adrianna from Tomatero Farms sent me home with a bunch to try. One more delicious than the next, especially dipped in olive oil. If you’re looking for your next obsession, you might want to drop wine to be a tomato snob…err…connoisseur, where you can join an already growing number of people looking to savor the perfect tomato.

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