Talbert's Ice & Beverage

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Business/Location: Talbert's Ice & Beverage
Address: 5234 River Rd
City: Bethesda
State: MD
Zip Code: 20816
Phone: 301-652-3000
Website: www.talbertsice.com

Posted by:  Graham Fortier
Photo:  Graham Fortier
With a name that strikes fear into the hearts of fake-ID carrying teenagers but convenience and selection for their parents, Talbert’s may as well be a DC area landmark. Right on River Road, this deadbeat’s paradise is stocked with wine, champagne, beer, and a lot of people still hoping to hit the Powerball jackpot. It’s pricey, but if its location is near your house, you can probably afford it, can’t you, Mr. Chevy Chase? It’s true, there may not be any other locale in a 50 mile radius that sells a six pack of Yuengling for $8, but you gotta love the place. The register is decorated with tons of fake ID’s that the Talbert’s staff prides themselves for confiscating (including my friend’s), and if you overlook the pricing, the people who work there are usually pretty helpful and friendly. Need something to go along with your Chardonnay? How about a pack of baseball cards from 2004? Or maybe some peanuts? Or a whole lotta ice. I mean a lot of ice. By the way, if the card you, ask for one of their bumper stickers that says “I got carded at Talbert’s.” I’m not joking. I’ve got three of them.

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