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Business/Location: Silversun Liquor
Address: 2901 W Sunset Blvd
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Zip Code: 90026
Phone: 323-666-2744

Posted by:  Emerson Dameron
Photo:  Emerson Dameron
   Silversun Liquor
Los Angeles does not boast the hearty drinking scene of a Boston, a Chicago, or even a San Francisco, for one obvious reason. Someone has to drive. If you and all of your friends are pathological barflies, then you ain't crashing in Silverlake, unless it's into a parked Saab. And you're in the city of "fake tits and real assholes," where a potable margarita starts at eight bones; the coziest low-pressure dive bar is usually someone's living room. Silversun Liquors has been in the neighborhood longer than ironic Atari shirts, and soothes the boredom and guilt of the hipster class with only perfunctory condescension. It inspires the non-threatening shoegazer-rock band Silversun Pickups. And it sells rubbers, porn, potato chips, and other accoutrements of the actively passive hard-drinking lifestyle. If you seek "success" in Los Angeles, memorize the address--on most nights, Silversun sells the nearest approximation of whatever it is you want.

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