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Jane Pirone on the Monocle's Urbanist Podcast (posted:2/28/2014)
NFT co-founder Jane Pirone appeared on The Urbanist, a popular podcast produced by Monocle, to talk about what role do guides have in opening up a city.

NFT Co-Founder Jane Pirone On Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio (posted:1/14/2013)
NFT co-founder Jane Pirone offered travel expert Peter Greenberg a few NYC secrets on a Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio podcast.

Co-Owner of NFT Featured in The Grey Lady (posted:5/5/2011)
Not only is NFT co-founder Rob Tallia one of the masterminds behind one of the best selling guidebooks in New York, he also likes to take photos late at night, write for a popular blog in Fort Greene, and fight for international peace. Dare we say a modern Renaissance man? Ok, probably not, but it's a great little interview.

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Now Out on Amazon Kindle: NFT Collected Essays: 2005-2010 (posted:2/3/2011)
Follow NFT's intrepid editors as they poke, prod, and explore the cities they work, play, and (gasp) entertain their out-of-town friends in the brand new ebook Not For Tourists: Collected Essays 2005-2010. These 41 essays were selected from hundreds of essays written by NFT editors in New York, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, and San Francisco. The pieces in the collection start with the practical, such as how to entertain out-of-town guests ("WAIT...How Long Are They Staying," "Entertaining Crazy Uncle Charlie," and "...But My In-Laws Don't Drink"), where to find a place to cool off ("Air-Conditioned Chicago"), and what the best swinger's clubs are in NYC ("Swinging in the City"). But the collection is also lyrical (with pieces such as "Mott Havenly" and "La Vie En (Neon) Rose,"), bizarre ("Hoppily Ever After," "Safeway Identities"), gritty ("OTB: NYC's Daily Racing Forum," "Abandoned North Broad,") and, finally, hilarious ("The Get-Around Game" and "The Phanatic vs. Swoop: Showdown"). All together, these 40 pieces represent the best, weirdest, most eclectic offerings from NFT's local writers. Here's a post from Amazon's official Kindle blog. We hope you'll enjoy it. Curated by NFT founders Jane Pirone and Rob Tallia.

The Gang's All Here (posted:1/31/2011)
This just in from NFT headquarters. With the fresh off the printer release of the 2011 Guides to Seattle, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, the new editions of all 12 NFT Guidebooks are now available. Even better, for one low price you can have the whole NFT family grace your bookshelves. The Full 2011 Complete Set is on sale now for $167.92--and no that's not some totally random number--that's exactly 30% off the regular retail price. So go ahead and support your local indie guidebook company and buy a complete set for that someone special. Nothing says "Be My Valentine" like 12 black books filled with maps and thousands of urban details.

Cruising Cyberspace For Some NFT Action (posted:1/13/2011)
The new year is off to a rip roaring start. Or at least a really snowy one here in NYC. As usual we're busy running around town meeting up with cool companies, updating our website, and planning for the coming year. But before we get buried under the pile of work that is looming before us, we want to share some blog posts from around the InterWebs from NFT fans across the globe. There's a great post about the brand new 2011 NYC Guide from food and drink expert Snackish. We found a great story from comic book artist Scott Wegna how NFT saved his butt in Brooklyn. Even Austria is getting into the NFT blogging action with an excellent post from Vienna. And travel writer Spencer Spellman came up with an incredibly in depth post about NFT. There's even a ton of photos on flickr that tag "Not For Tourists" with sometimes hilarious results. From the cool arty shot to the contemplative to the just plain funny. Then we have great tweets coming in at all hours which are hard to even keep up with, but here's a few: "most hilarious, well-written guidebook ever," "just when you think it's safe to go into a bookstore again," and "thanks to the NFT iphone apps." Even when people tweet to "go screw ourselves" we can't help but read it and laugh. So thanks to everyone out there blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and sending messages by carrier pigeons about NFT. Every little bit of attention helps!

Happy Blizzard And An Even Happier 2011 (posted:12/30/2010)
New York was hit hard by the Thundersnow in the past few days. It may take us until March to dig out from it, but we wanted to wish all NFT fans, friends, contributors, and supporters a fantastic 2011. Here's to a happy and successful new year for everyone!

Happy Holidays From NFT! (posted:12/18/2010)
We're taking a little break for the next few weeks. If you place an order on the NFT shop, we'll send it out on January 3rd. If you need a 2011 book right away, our friends at Amazon will be glad to hook you up! All the best for a great holiday season, and we'll see you in 2011.

'Tis The Season...To Buy NFT! (posted:12/2/2010)
December is finally here and the folks at NFT Headquarters are very excited because that means the 2011 Guides are here  as well for New York, London, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Brooklyn, Queens, and San Francisco. Even better, all NFTs are at their lowest prices of the year. Plus, we have a brand new special: The Chicago Survival Guide. With this gift pack you can explore, drink, and eat to your heart's content at the best places in Chicago. Featuring Drink Deck, BYOB Chicago, and 2011 NFT Chicago all for one low price of just $45. If you love Chicago, you need to buy this right now!

What's the Best Bus Route In America? (posted:11/5/2010)
Attention faithful bus riders. Now is your chance to boast to the whole world why your bus route is the best. Good Magazine and Transportation Alternatives are holding a nationwide contest to find the best bus ride in America. To enter just take a photo with your camera phone of your bus and include a 140 character caption. Then email or tweet it to Good. You can win all sorts of nice prizes including a 2011 NFT Guide. Plus, NFT Managing Editor Craig Nelson is one of the judges, so click here for all the details.

Discover New Experiences on Wanderfly (posted:11/1/2010)
We're excited over here at NFT world headquarters because we've recently partnered with a new company called Wanderfly. They are a new travel inspiration site that helps people figure out where they can go, based on what they like to do and how much they want to spend. So if you have $1500 and like food, culture, and entertainment or only have $500 and like beaches and spas, Wanderfly will recommend trips to match your profile. To put these recommendations together, Wanderfly partners with companies like Expedia, Foursquare, Find.Eat.Drink and Jauntsetter, and of course NFT. You'll find Not For Tourists in-depth neighborhood knowledge of many US and European cities embedded in the site. So get going. Check out Wanderfly right now.

NFT Urban Exploration: November 6 (posted:10/20/2010)
Attention, Attention: NFT will soon be embarking on a brand new adventure--a walking exploration of Chinatown. On Saturday November 6th from 3-5:30 pm, the pithy words you read on paper will come to life as NFT inaugurates its very first Urban Exploration. With a fully licensed New York City Sightseeing Guide in tow, we'll delve into the nooks and crannies of Chinatown (and a little bit beyond). Walk the streets of Chinatown through the eyes of NFT--brows neither high nor low--as the magnificence that is the neighborhood's past and present is finally revealed for all to see. You'll also get a free copy of NFT NYC 2011, enjoy some tasty street snacks, and end up at a cozy bar with the first round on NFT. We'll email you all the details once you sign up.

American Airlines Loves NFT (posted:10/19/2010)
...and Michelin Guides, Rick Steves, Lonely Planet, and Frommers.

Working With NFT: New Media Kit (posted:10/15/2010)
Most people know that Not For Tourists is great at making city guidebooks. But a lot of businesses don't know about all of the other services we offer. From Content Licensing and Custom Maps to Newsletter Advertising and Custom Guides, NFT has worked with large multinational corporations and small independent businesses alike to reach savvy urban consumers. Download the brand new Media Kit (pdf format) and give us a call at 212-965-8650. Let's do some work together.

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2011 NYC Now On Sale! (posted:10/1/2010)
Yes, it's finally here. Hot off the press, one of the top guidebooks to NYC is now available on our website. The totally redesigned 2011 Not For Tourists Guide to New York is better than ever (see a preview here). If you love New York, live in New York, travel to New York, or even daydream about New York, you need this book! Get your copy today.

2011 Launch Party (posted:9/22/2010)
It's that time of the year again when the weather gets cooler, the kids go back to school, and NFT releases a brand new New York guide. This year is super special because we've totally redesigned it from front to back--new neighborhood descriptions, curated lists of our favorite picks, a new page on the High Line...we're not messing around for 2011. Click here to check out an online preview. Help us celebrate by stopping by Brass Monkey on September 28 at 6 pm for a complimentary 2011 guide and drink. We love Brass Monkey because it's one of the few spots in the usually annoying Meatpacking District that you don't need to be a supermodel or i-banker to get in the door. Remember, the free stuff runs out fast, so don't be late! Click on the image below to download the PDF invite to bring with you.

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Empire Tested (posted:9/9/2010)
NFT is excited to be working with Nike to create a series of custom guides to sports in New York for the "Empire Tested" campaign. In honor of the US Open, first up is Tennis. NFT gives you an inside look at where to play around the city, and tennis superstars like Federer, Sharapova, and born and bred New Yorker John McEnroe share their favorite moments from under the lights at Flushing Meadows. Check out an online PDF.

NYC 2011 Preview (posted:8/25/2010)
The New York 2011 advances have just arrived. And they look fantastic! We've made a lot of exciting updates to the NFT NYC Guide for 2011--writing brand new detailed neighborhood descriptions, moving the restaurant, nightlife, and shopping blurbs to the front, cleaning up the maps to make the icons more visible, and so much more. We'll be filling you in on all the amazing changes in the weeks ahead, but right now here's a little preview:

NFT Moscow Party Sponsor... (posted:8/16/2010)
Ok, so we don't really have a Not For Tourists Guide to Moscow (yet), but we found this interesting post from this Russian Live Journal site listing their favorite guidebooks on the planet. And guess who ended up at number one? That's very cool. Now we just need to learn Russian. But for now we'll have to trust the Google Translator which says, they love the guides because, "No BS. Normal people write for normal people, because they understand that they live with them in the same city, in which case the punishment is inevitable." Love it!

Happy Summer (posted:8/7/2010)
We love NYC, but it's good to get away!

Getting Married? NFT Can Help. (posted:8/3/2010)
No, we can't help you get over any last minute nerves or flower disasters, but NFT can make sure your guests get around town and get the most out of your wedding city. Custom NFTs or wallet maps are a great gift for wedding party members and guests. We can stamp your names and date of the wedding on the cover to create a unique keepsake. NFT can also create custom wallet maps to help Uncle Jimmy and Cousin Lucile navigate their way around town and provide fun things to do between the rehearsal dinner and ceremony. Whatever your wedding needs, NFT will help make your wedding even more special. And make sure no one gets lost. Check out this nice blog post from

NFT on Google Maps Mania (posted:7/29/2010)
NFT was recently mentioned on the popular blog Google Maps Mania. It's a nice post and worth reading how NFT uses Google Maps to make its website easy to locate listings and user friendly.

Announcing Daily Deals from NFT & Scoop St. (posted:7/22/2010)
Here at NFT we're always out and about exploring the city, looking for the coolest spots all over New York. Now we're teaming up with the fine folks from Scoop St. to bring you amazing deals from our favorite NFT-Approved local businesses. Scoop St. is an expert in creating local deals that both consumers and business owners love. And NFT is an expert in all things local. So it's a perfect match. Keep an eye on the website, newsletter, twitter, and facebook for all the latest deals. And if you know a local business that may want to be featured by NFT and Scoop St., drop us a line and we'll get in touch.

NFT Editor Profile on NileGuide (posted:7/21/2010)
Working for the travel industry appears to be a glamorous lifestyle of jetsetting and gourmet meals around the globe. Not quite. The folks at Nile Guide have been featuring different travel writers on their website to give some insight into the world of guidebooks and travel blogs and share some unique travel stories. The latest Nile Guide 5 features our very own New York-based editor Craig Nelson, who likes free tapas in Granada and doesn't like awkward road trips in Mexico. Read the whole interview.

NFT at Brooklyn Flea (posted:6/18/2010)
On Saturday June 19, Not For Tourists will be setting up shop at Brooklyn Flea for a full day of selling books, chatting with the locals, and hanging out in Fort Greene. We'll also have some special Brooklyn Wall Maps for sale as well as customized guide info and NFT editors on hand. See you at The Flea!

$1.99 Summer in the City iPhone App Sale (posted:6/5/2010)
It's hot and you need to get out of the house. NFT is here to help with the super affordable iPhone App. To celebrate summer we've dropped the price of all our award-winning iPhone Apps to only $1.99. That's cheaper than iced coffee at your neighborhood cafe. Tour your favorite cities like a local from the comfort of your own pocket. Don't believe us? Then trust the NY Times which just featured the app on their Travel Blog.

NFT iPhone Wins Design Award (posted:6/3/2010)
We're cracking open the bubbly--a cheap bottle of course, since that's how indie publishers roll. The prestigious AIGA design awards recently announced that the NFT iPhone App placed in the top 100 category for Interface, Screen, and Experimenting.  Congrats to the whole iPhone team including our fine partners at Tuft + Co for helping Not For Tourists enter a new era of design. At NFT we've always been obsessed with making guidebooks of the highest quality design. This newest award is exciting because it has nothing to with old fashioned paper or books--just cutting-edge interface and mobile design at its finest. For those of you that embrace the modern world, feel free to send us a congratulatory tweet or facebook message.

Cold Mate. Tasty or Terrible? (posted:6/1/2010)
Our fearless NYC editor Sarah Enelow wrote about the cold mate drinking fad taking over NYC this summer. Whole Foods put it up on their twitter account, and now we're getting some interesting feedback. What do you think? Any mate experts out there ready to help us explain this new phenomenon?

DC iPhone App Now Free: A Bipartisan Victory (posted:5/24/2010)
Not For Tourists has just announced that their sleek iPhone App for DC is now 100% free of charge. NFT has pulled off something even the esteemed President Obama couldn't do; please every constituency in The District by offering NFT's amazing iPhone App for the nice price of exactly zero dollars and zero cents. You heard it here first: This is the major bipartisan victory DC has been waiting for. Download it on iTunes now!

An App For You. And Gossip Girl Fans. (posted:5/4/2010)
The Sunday Times (of London) recently ran a nice little piece on guidebook alternatives. They mentioned websites like Tripbod (hire a local expert to help plan your trip) and Spotted By Locals (over 40 European cities with recommendations). The NFT iPhone App also got a nice little plug as a useful travel tool from a trusted indie publisher. Speaking of NFT iPhone, the New York App was also featured as a "Top App for Gossip Girl Fans" recently. OMG! That is totally awesome. Almost as cool as when the book was featured on Gossip Girl. We bet ratings soared through the roof for that episode once word got out that the coolest black book ever was going to be featured.

New Orleans in the House (posted:4/30/2010)
We're real excited to roll out the New Orleans NFT website. As everyone knows New Orleans is a city of great neighborhoods. And there are a lot of them. The New Orleans Wikipedia page, lists over 50 'hoods! Fitting every single one of them into a website or a book is a tough challenge, so we had to come up with our own interpretation. But we wanted to really capture a good overview of this amazing city and the spirit of each nabe. From Holy Cross and Garden District to Treme and Lakeview, we've created 17 new neighborhood pages for New Orleans. Each has it's own short and witty description and includes all the restaurant, nightlife, shopping, and landmark listings associated with it along with any reviews we've written. Check it out. We think it's looking pretty good, but would also love to hear any feedback.

Eight is Never Enough (posted:4/12/2010)
Yup--that's how long we've been publishing a Chicago guide--eight years. And to celebrate, we're having a book release party for the 2010 edition of the Not For Tourists Guide to Chicago at our favorite bar in Chicago, Sheffield's. And with the Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale flowing, life should be more than grand on Wednesday, April 28--at least between the hours of 7pm-10pm at Sheffield's. So come and grab a free copy of the city's foremost "urban" guide (while supplies last), accompany it with one of Chicago's best "urban" ales, at the NFT writers' favorite "urban" bar! Sign up on Facebook now.

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Our New Subway Ad Campaign (posted:3/30/2010)
Ok, so it's not really ours, but it sure looks like it. Black and orange colors, "Not Tourists" in really large letters, mentioning New York City and even specific neighborhoods...hmmmm...wonder where they got that idea? So Vitamin Water, give us a call. You should advertise in all of our books (we'll give you a really sweet deal). Or make a corporate order with your logo stamped on the front cover of NFT. Our guidebooks make great gifts for people who love flavored water, and we can always use a little extra money. Sounds like a fare deal, no?

Links: The Beautiful & Bizarre (posted:3/9/2010)
Every once in awhile we get a link to the NFT website that is just plain bizarre. Case in point, these two links the other day. The first is totally great. Budget Travel wrote about Abbey Road and linked to NFT's St John's Wood neighborhood page. Travel magazine writes about neighborhood controversy, links to the ultimate urban neighborhood guidebook. That all makes sense. But the next one is just over-the-top weird. A site in the Czech Republic mentions the NFT Midwood, Brooklyn neighborhood page with a quick mention of DiFara. In fact we won't even try to describe it. Just click through and try to interpret the meaning of this web page.

Announcing a New Web Design (posted:3/5/2010)
In case you haven't noticed, we've been slowly rolling out a brand new look for our website, and we're really excited about the results so far. We're making it prettier, cleaner, and way more user-friendly by bringing more of the content to the front. Take a look at one of the city homepages to see what we've come up with. We're still working out a few bugs and this is just the first stage of re-design, so drop us a line if you notice anything funky. Or just let us know what you think. More changes coming soon!

It’s Always Sunny in Miami. And Philadelphia. (posted:2/5/2010)
Big news on the homefront. No, Danny Devito isn't going to guest star in a new NFT video, but two new iPhone NFT City Guides were just released today. One for the beautiful and bodacious city of Miami. The other for the scrappy and amazing city of Philadelphia. Download them from iTunes.

Thanks For Coming Out! (posted:1/26/2010)
The 2010 Brooklyn Party was a smashing success with over 400 NFT fans packing into Brooklyn Bowl to roll some free frames, drink some free drinks, and pick up some free books. Thanks to everyone who made it out and waited outside in the cold to get in. And a big thanks to Brooklyn Bowl for hosting and helping us make this event happen. Check out the photo gallery.

Watch Out Brangelina, NFT Reviewed in EW (posted:1/18/2010)
NFT has hit the pages of the big time show biz news circuit gracing the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. NFT celebrities (at least in their own heads) Rob and Jane were interviewed for a glowing review of the Not For Tourists Guidebook series. Hopefully this will lead to some sweet sightings of NFT-toting celebrities all over New York and LA. Or at least some juicy rumors of Jennifer Aniston using her NFT to escape the paparazzi or grab a coffee with her agent. Dare to dream, right?

Bowl Your Butt Off: January 20th (posted:1/11/2010)
Dust off those vintage bowling shirts that have been hanging in your closet since the '90s. It's time to break 'em out for the NFT Brooklyn release party on Wednesday, January 20th. In celebration of the 2010 Brooklyn Guide and Brooklyn on the NFT iPhone App, we're taking over the fabulous Brooklyn Bowl for a giant blow out featuring FREE drinks and guides (*while supplies last), and FREE bowling for 2 full hours (*shoe rental required). But wait, that's not all. We'll also be giving away prizes from super cool Brooklyn businesses like Cafe Grumpy, Spoonbill & Sugartown, Zenkichi, Roberta's Pizza, Joyce Bakeshop, Sprout, The Habitat, Tanoreen, Northeast Kingdom, Hachi Asian Bistro, Old Hollywood and showing off videos from our latest adventures around Chinatown and beyond.  Sign up on Facebook and tell your friends. This will be a Wednesday night to remember (*not responsible for loss of memory due to too much fun).

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Save the Date: January 20th (posted:1/6/2010)
The Brooklyn 2010 Guide is here along with Brooklyn on your iPhone. Who cares? We do. That's why we're hosting our fans at Brooklyn Bowl on January 20th at 6 pm for a bowling, drinking, prize giveaway extravaganza. A free NFT Brooklyn 2010, a cocktail, and even the bowling is all on NFT's tab. More details coming soon...

Sleepless in Boston (And Seattle) (posted:12/21/2009)
Hot out of the iTunes oven are the latest NFT iPhone cities: Boston and Seattle. Both cities are packed with fantastic neighborhoods, adventurous young people (some with funny accents), thousands of great places to explore, and tons of places to fill up on food, booze, or both. Get Beantown and the Emerald City for your iPhone right here.

Apple Features NFT on App Store (posted:12/4/2009)
Check out the iTunes App Store right now, and you'll see a familiar brand being featured on the homepage. Yes, we're like proud parents right now happy to see the NFT Apps get the attention they deserve.

Bicoastal Love for NFT iPhone (posted:11/25/2009)
It's a good day when the New York Times gives a nice shout out to a brand new product you've been working hard on for months. But it's a great day when the LA Times does the same thing by giving an amazing review of the NFT Apps on the other side of the country! It's good to see that word is starting to spread how fantastic these Apps really are. Not that we're biased of course. We're going to soak this in all weekend long. Happy Thanksgiving and happy travels to everyone.

DC & LA: Welcome to the iPhone Family (posted:11/18/2009)
Two new products have just magically appeared in the iTunes App store. The NFT Washington DC and Los Angeles iPhone Apps. Both cover an impressive amount of territory. In DC we cover 56 neighborhoods inside The Beltway and over 3,600 indispensable listings, while in LA we've mapped 69 'hoods and plotted over 8K essential places to conquer the city. Keep a printed guide in your glove compartment and an App in your pocket, and you're good to go!

NYC Launch Party: November 17 (posted:11/10/2009)
Attention NFT lovers: it’s time for some major fun in NYC. Yep, you guessed right. It’s time for the annual NYC guidebook party! We recently released our NYC 2010 guidebooks in stores and worldwide, and we want to celebrate its release with you, our fans. Come join us at Fontana's to get your own free copy of the NYC 2010 guidebook (while supplies last) featuring new, fantastic places to shop, dine, and explore. We'll have free drinks (again, while supplies last), and we'll have some cool prizes from local businesses to raffle off like Cafe Grumpy, Economy Candy, Exit 9, DUO, Paris Apartment, L'asso, and Idlewild Books. So on November 17th come on down to Fontana's at 6 pm. We promise more fun than your average Tuesday night. Sign up on Facebook or download the PDF invite.

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City of Broad Shoulders App (posted:11/5/2009)
The newest edition to the NFT iPhone family is that beloved Midwestern metropolis that sparks fierce neighborhood pride and loyalty–Chicago. Made by 100% local Chicagoans for Chicagoans, this is ulinke any other Chicago iPhone app out there. Explore over 77 neighborhoods and over 5,000 cool places from the comfort of your iPhone or iPod Touch. Check out what people have been saying about the NFT iPhone app on Jaunted and True/Slant. Get it on the App Store today by clicking on the lovely screen shot below.

2010 London Party: November 13 (posted:11/3/2009)

Download PDF

NFT SF Party: November 11 (posted:10/30/2009)
NFT is taking San Francisco by storm. Hot off the assembly line is the completely updated 2010 NFT Guide to San Francisco AND the sleek new SF iPhone App. To celebrate this double release the fine folks at Double Dutch are hosting a big ol' shindig that includes Free NFTs for the first 100 guests, Free beer from 6-7pm, tasty appetizers, a Free drink from our specialty Le Tourment Vert cocktail menu for anyone that purchases the iPhone App, and great prizes from W Hotel, JetBlue, and gift certificates to local restaurants and clubs! Whew. That's a lot of stuff. Check out the iPhone below for details or go to Facebook to sign up and get more info.

Party Down with NFT: Save the Dates (posted:10/29/2009)
Here at NFT we're very happy that the 2010 books are steadily hitting the shelves around the world. Plus, we now have 3 iPhone apps on sale with lots more on the way. In fact we're in such a good mood we're throwing three huge parties to celebrate. Mark down these dates on your calendar. More details to follow very soon!

November 11 - San Francisco
November 13 - London
November TBD - New York

Come and Get It: NFT London 2010 (posted:10/19/2009)
Now available is the second edition of NFT London, the first international title from Not For Tourists. The London guide is now better than ever with all the stuff that we missed the first time around. Thanks to everyone that sent in their feedback over the last year to make this book the best guide to London ever. Now that's modesty.

Waiters Really Love NFT (posted:10/13/2009)
Here's a nice little post from the blog Out and About with the Family. We had no idea people loved NFT so much they were willing to steal them! Enjoy.

Apps Across The Pond: London (posted:10/5/2009)
This just in: NFT London for the iPhone is now on sale in the iTunes shop. The first international iPhone app by the jolly folks at Not For Tourists will help you navigate this massive city like a local, make you laugh out loud as you read the 100+ hilarious neighborhood descriptions, and help you find the best places to eat, drink, and play. You'll be a London expert at the flip of an iPhone.

Marketing Intern Wanted (posted:9/29/2009)
This just in: We need help pimping our products--books, iPhone apps, wallet maps, corporate sales, custom guides, custom cartography, and so much more.  Here's a unique chance to take part in a growing and established New York business. Internship will be located at the NFT world headquarters in Chinatown NYC.

Check out the ad on craigslist.

NFT:LES Sunday, Sep 20, 1 pm (posted:9/17/2009)
NFT:LES is a special event that's part of Conflux Festival 2009. Sponsored by Not For Tourists and Big Game Lab, it all starts on Sunday September 20 at 1 pm at the NFT world headquarters in Chinatown. We don’t want to give too much away but here are a few clues: Bring your mobile devices, we’ll provide you with an NFT, and then you hunt around the Lower East Side for a few hours trying to decipher the clues you’re given to find the secret locations to reach your goal.Check out for all the details.

Pre-Order NYC 2010 (posted:9/8/2009)
The books are printed and on a boat headed this way. And by "this way" we mean a gigantic warehouse in Jersey. But you don't need to wait until they hit land to put in your order. They're on sale for right now for $13.99. Place your order here.

Deal of the Week: Eternal NFT love for anyone that orders a million books or more.

San Francisco iPhone App Now Available! (posted:8/17/2009)
Fresh out of the NFT oven is our latest iPhone app--San Francisco. Covering 66 neighborhoods in exquisite detail with thousands of great listings, this is an essential app for exploring SF like a local. Buy it on iTunes right now.

TFBB: The Five Buck Book (posted:8/4/2009)

NFT: The Guardian Travel Blog of the Month (posted:7/20/2009)
We love The Guardian. Not only do those Brits provide essential international news, their travel section has been serving up some juicy bits lately involving Twitter, user-submitted content, and all sorts of other cutting-edge stuff. So we were ecstatic this morning to come in and find that they had selected NFT as the Travel Blog of the Month. Cheers to the Guardian for their exquisite taste!

Every Book. On Sale. Right Now. (posted:7/16/2009)

NFT + iPhone + Beer = Good Times (posted:7/9/2009)
Thanks to everyone that came out to Fontana's last night for the NFT iPhone launch party. We had a great turn out with NFT fans, iPhone lovers, and Belgian beer groupies all in the house. Special thanks to Palm for providing the tasty ale and Tuft + Co for partnering with NFT to develop the app. Keep an eye out for more apps coming soon (we're looking at you San Francisco, London, and Brooklyn). And of course more apps means more parties. In the meantime we need to get back to making the beautiful old-fashioned books...

NFT iPhone Party: July 8th (posted:6/30/2009)
Attention New York, Not For Tourists is throwing a giant bash on July 8th to celebrate the release of the NFT iPhone App for Manhattan. Buy the app on iTunes, show it at the door, and drink Palm (Belgium's best-selling ale) for free. Don't sweat it if you don't have an iPhone. We'll also be handing out piles of complimentary NFT guidebooks, offering lots of drink specials, announcing the winner of the video contest, getting down to a DJ, and hanging out with NFT fans and editors.

Date: Wednesday, July 8
Time: 6-8 pm
Where: Fontana's (105 Eldridge St)

Behold: The NFT Video Contest Finalists (posted:6/25/2009)
The videos are funny. They're dramatic. And they're a little weird. We selected three and have opened up the voting to decide the winner ($500 first prize and eternal gratitude from the NFT). We'll announce the grand prize at the iPhone party on July 8th at Fontana's in NYC. Keep an eye out for the official invitation next week. (Hint: if you like to drink free Belgian beer, buy the iPhone app. It'll be well worth the 5 bucks.)

NFT App Now On Sale (posted:6/12/2009)
Oh happy day! The NFT Manhattan App is now available. Tell all your iPhone phanatics to check it out.
Click here to buy it in the iTunes store.

NFT iPhone Microsite Launched (posted:6/3/2009)
NFT has partnered with Tuft+Co to launch the NFT iPhone microsite Sign up to be notified the moment the app is released, and find out everything you need to know about the new NFT iPhone that's headed your way very soon.

NFT Seattle Love: Cafe Weekend and (posted:5/29/2009)
The lovely Cafe Weekend in Seattle held a grand opening bash a few months back where they handed out free Seattle NFT books. Also in attendance were the fine folks from They provided the photo booth that produced some fabulous pictures of NFT fans posing with their favorite guidebook. Click here to see the entire gallery.

NFT San Francisco in Curve Magazine (posted:5/21/2009)

NFT. Manhattan. On the iPhone. Coming June '09. (posted:5/18/2009)
We're so excited about the latest NFT project--an iPhone app for Manhattan. We've been working hard with the fine folks at Tuft + Co to create a totally unique experience on how you interact with Manhattan. It's going to be packed with everything you need to explore the city--gorgeous custom maps, 30 neighborhoods in detail, and over 7,000 NFT-approved listings on dining, drinking, shopping, and so much more. Read Tuft + Co's blog entry about the app. And read about the NFT video contest in conjunction with the iPhone release. You could win $500! And while we all wait until the app goes live in June '09, check out the beautiful eye candy below by Tuft + Co..

NFT London in The Guardian (posted:5/7/2009)
Benji Lanyado of The Guardian dropped a quick mention of the NFT London online PDFs in his weekly travel blog. Check out the bottom of the article. As always, NFT is last but definitely not least!

Workin' for the NFT (posted:5/5/2009)
Not For Tourists is looking for a few good people to become part of a very exclusive club--the illustrious team of NFT Sales Reps. From coast to coast we need new NFT fans with great shiny happy personalities to sell books, book ads, and ads on our website to local businesses. These jobs are fully COMMISSION-BASED; there is NO salary. It's simple: the more success you have, the more money you'll make. Cold hard cash, free NFTs, the chance to reconnect with neighborhood businesses...what's not to like?! If you're interested, email a cover letter and a resume to For more info check out the NFT Jobs Page.

Blogging NFT London (posted:4/27/2009)
Here's a nice little entry from a fan across The Pond.

NFT Hearts (and vice versa) (posted:4/27/2009)

NFT LA Party Time (posted:4/20/2009)
Here are a few photos to check out.

The Date: Friday April 24th.
The Time: 6 pm
The Place: Footsie's (2640 N Figueroa)
The Skinny: Free 2009 NFT Guides to LA and Free Beer (while supplies last...for those counting at home that's almost $30 of free stuff!)

Download the official PDF invite and send this to your MyFacebookTweeter thing-a-ma-jig. This party is going to be hot with tons of actors, celebrities, and LA scenesters. Or maybe just a few dudes who like NFT. Either way, it will be a blast.

Download PDF

Foil Stamp Love (posted:4/17/2009)
We've always been in love with our beautiful NFT logo. We have to stare at it every damn day, so we better like it. And we've always been grateful that we have a fabulous printer that can foil stamp the logo on a book that is both elegant and eye-catching. Well, now we find out that someone else loves it too. Gotta love that blogosphere:

Twitter Me Timbers (posted:4/7/2009)
Yeah, we know. Real original. No one else has a Twitter account on this planet, right? But hey, we like sharing our urban adventures all over the globe, so follow us and ye shall be rewarded with non-stop entertainment, city secrets, and upcoming cool events around town.

Check it:

NFT on Flickr (posted:4/6/2009)
Spring is officially here, so it's time to get out your bike and a copy of NFT to cruise around your city. While we were cruising around The InterWebs today we came across these "Not For Tourists" tagged Flickr photos.

Hebrew Translation Needed! (posted:4/3/2009)
The Israeli website YNet listed Not For Tourists as one of the best travel resources on the web in a recent article. Very nice. Now if we could only read what they're saying. But we are thankful to be listed in the same paragraph as the hilarious article "How Not To Be a Douchebag Tourist in New York City" from the always classy COED Magazine.

Introducing: NFT Chattanooga (posted:4/1/2009)
No, this is not some sort of lame April Fool's joke. We're totally serious. Ok, not really. But sort of. We've opened up the website so that NFT fans can now submit listings, reviews, and photos from anywhere in the world. World domination has always been our modest goal, and now the The Internets have made it possible. Won't you join us and submit your listings and reviews for Hong Kong, Kansas City, Buenos Aires, Perth, Lagos...heck, we don't care where they come from. Once you've added something it will go under the brilliantly titled "Other Cities" webpage of NFT. Create a profile and have some fun. Thanks to Jason for giving Chattanooga some NFT love. Check out his website for tips on hunting, grilling, and fishing.

Excelente Blog Post About NFT (posted:3/30/2009)
Vertigo Graphix, a graphic design company headquartered in Barcelona, posted a nice little article about NFT on their blog. They used the guide for a recent trip to New York and we're very impressed with NFT. (Or at least that's what the translator said. It's all in Spanish!)

Click here to read the post.

NFT Release Party 2009: DC Edition (posted:3/24/2009)
The Obama parties have slowly died down, the economy is reeling its ugly head, and spring still feels like it will never come, so now more than ever, we all need an excuse to drink some beer and have a good time. Well, don't fret because NFT is here to help. We're keeping the DC party spirit moving onward and upward, so mark down these details. This Friday night (March 27) at 6 pm Not For Tourists is throwing a big time bash at Local 16 ( 1602 U St NW) with some major perks:
1. Free 2009 NFT Washington DC Guidebooks
2. Free Booze
3. A raffle for free tickets to the fabulous musical Chicago

And in case you needed any other excuse to show up, we'll have a bunch of NFT celebrities (translation: writers, mapmakers, marketers) on hand from all around The District and from NFT world headquarters in New York.

So tell all your friends and email this to a billion people. This is going to be one heck of a way to start your weekend. Click on the image below to download the Invite.

Download PDF

2009 Boston Release Party: March 20th (posted:3/12/2009)
Yo kids, thanks for coming out to party down with NFT staff and friends. Check out this exclusive photo gallery of all the action. Ok, it's not that exciting, but you should still click on it.

It's time for a little NFT get down in Beantown. Or should we say in The People's Republic of Cambridge in beautiful Harvard Square at the Hong Kong Lounge. Come on out to meet real life NFT writers and editors and let us know what you love (or hate) about NFT. We'll be passing out free 2009 NFT Guides to Boston and serving up complimentary food and adult beverages. 

When: Friday March 20, 6 pm
Where: Hong Kong Lounge, 1238 Mass Ave
What: Free Stuff! (while supplies last)

Click on the image below to download the PDF Invite!

Download PDF

NFT Fav Dorchester Market To Close (posted:3/11/2009)
We just found out one of favorite stores in DC is closing: The Dorchester Market. It's a community bodega in the basement of Dorchester House where you could pick up some toothpaste, beer, or candy bars without leaving the building. It is truly Not For Tourists. Our friends at DCist let us know about this sad news.

NFT Map Party at Idlewild Books: Saturday 4-6 pm (posted:3/2/2009)

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday. Check out the photo gallery from the event. There was a also a great blog post from the event.

Idlewild Books (12 W 19th St) is now selling beautiful NFT City and Neighborhood Wall Maps. In celebration of this new partnership, Idlewild is hosting a fabulous party from 4-6 pm on Saturday March 7th. Come on down to one of the coolest bookstores in the city to see the NFT Wall Maps up close and personal. The first twenty people to buy an NFT Guidebook will get a Free Manhattan or Brooklyn Wall Map! All NFT Wall Maps will be 25% off and we'll be handing out lots of other free NFT swag. Plus, thanks to Bazaar de la Paz we'll be serving up organic, fair trade wine from the fine folks at Etica. Their motto: Drink like you give a damn!

RSVP to:

Beer, Chocolate, and NFT (posted:2/23/2009)
Besides making some of the best beer on earth, the people of Belgium also seem to love the NFT website. Check out this post from the progressive paper De Morgen in Brussels. And for even more fun, check out the English translation according to Google. Hint: "Tourists Banned!"

And if any of you wealthy Brussels' investors want an NFT guide to your lovely city, drop us a line.

NFT in Your Kitchen (posted:2/18/2009)
Sometimes our fans post some random NFT-related stuff on the InterWebs. Today's entry comes from C James in Atlanta who may have inspired a new use for old NFTs--as stylish tableware.

NFT Cartographer Hits the Big Time (Sort of) (posted:1/29/2009)
No big deal: Another of NFTs laborers has soared to new heights, in the name of saving the organization from recession. This time, it’s cartographer Jonathan E. Levy, whose made his way onto a full page spread in this week’s Time Out. Congratulations, Jonathan. A mighty feat from a humble servant of NFT.

And if you're not that into maps (blasphemy!), check out Jonathan around town as the drummer for the fabulous Stumblebum Brass Band.

Wanted: NFT iPhone App Feedback (posted:1/21/2009)
Entering the brave new digital world can be difficult for a small indie company that makes old-fashioned books out of paper. But here at NFT, we like to dive right in to projects head first. And we need your help. Have any good ideas for an NFT iPhone app? Anyone know a fantastic, experienced iPhone app programmer who loves cities and maps but doesn't like money? How about some "angel investors" with a few million bucks lying around their SOMA loft? Drop us a line on at our Feedback page and chime in.

Coming Soon: A New President (posted:1/15/2009)
In celebration of a leader of the free world who is actually smart, urban, and well-spoken, NFT is taking the day off on Tuesday. You'll find us at our local watering hole downing MGDs and shots of whisky (not white wine spritzers).

NFT on WGN TV in Chicago (posted:1/5/2009)
NFT isn't used to being on the television sets of the great American people. We prefer to hide behind our maps and witty words. But we got a taste of the tube in late December when Kathie Bergquist, editor extraordinaire, visited the set of WGN to talk about the Not For Tourists Guide to Chicago. She shares a few of her favorite local spots with the viewers. You can watch the entire segment here

Happy Holidays From NFT (posted:12/17/2008)
2008 was another banner year for Not For Tourists. NFT London was released to great critical acclaim (and cries of heresy). See the Press Archive to see what we mean. NFT also created two brand new Corporate and Retail products--NFT Wallet Maps to New York and Chicago. Finally, the NFT website was completely upgraded with a new design that is user-friendly and quite handsome, if we do say so ourselves. Now we're taking a litte break for a few weeks, but we'll be back ready to take on the world. Or at least make a new book, enhance the website some more, and maybe even create an iPhone app if we get really fancy or find a pot of gold under the Manhattan Bridge. Thanks to everyone for your support and may you 2009 be filled with many more urban adventures from San Francisco to New York to Paris (our next title!).

New Yorkers Go Crazy for NFT (and free books) (posted:12/5/2008)
Over 500 NFT fans flocked to Fontana's on December 3 for the Not For Tourists 2009 release party. Hundreds of books were distributed. Lots of people got tipsy. Mission accomplished.

Check out the photo gallery.

NFT Field Trip: Octopus Ball Tasting at Otafuku (posted:12/3/2008)
Click to see more photos.

NFT 10th Anniversary Party: Tonight! (posted:11/24/2008)
NFT is throwing a huge bash in honor of ten beautiful years of impeccable city maps, sassy discursiveness, and our staggering ability to withstand the economic tremors that have done in so many, better-prepared others. Plus, in these trying times, your company's Holiday Party was probably canceled, so just mooch off of us. The NFT party will feature free drinks and free 2009 NYC NFTs (while supplies last), plus the unique opportunity to mingle in a civilized manner with other like-minded NFTers. Come. We'll be waiting.

When: Wednesday, December 3, 6 pm
Where: Fontana's, 105 Eldridge St
What: Free Books & Beverages (while supplies last)

Click the image to download the PDF invite:

Download PDF

London Loves NFT! (posted:11/22/2008)
Over 500 people crammed their way into Bar Kick last night to celebrate the launch of NFT's first global title--The Not For Tourists Guide to London. Check out the scrum at the bar for the free beer! Thanks to everyone that showed up and made the night such a huge success.

Check out some photos.

NFT London Release Party! (posted:11/21/2008)
NFT is proud to announce its first ever international title--The Not For Tourists Guide to London. We're so excited we're throwing a huge bash at Bar Kick on Friday, November 21. Stop by and help us celebrate this momentous occasion. We'll be handing out free copies of NFT London and a free pint to anyone with an invite*. Download and print the invite below.

When: Friday, November 21, 6-9 pm
Where: Bar Kick, 127 Shoreditch High St
What: Free Books & Beverages

*while supplies last

Download PDF

NFT Conquers Middle America (posted:11/14/2008)
Coming to a Walmart near you?

Seattle 2009 Party (posted:10/23/2008)
The 2nd Edition of NFT Seattle is hitting the streets, and we're in the mood to celebrate. Stop by The Rob Roy (formerly Viceroy) on Thursday, November 6 for a free copy of NFT and a free beverage*. Download and print the invite below.

When: Thursday, November 6, 6-9 pm
Where: The Rob Roy (formerly Viceroy), 2332 Second Ave
What: Free Books & Beverages

*while supplies last

Download PDF

NFT Goes Bowling (posted:10/8/2008)
To celebrate a successful release of all 11 NFT titles (on time and on budget) for the year 2009, the NFT Head Honchos took the whole staff out for an unforgettable evening of tacos and bowling. First stop was the excellent BYOB local joint in Sunset Park, Tacos Matamoros, where we filled ourselves with Mexican goodness and Pacifico. Then it was on to Melody Lanes for a bowling smackdown where one special NFT office slave proceeded to kick everyone's butt. Click the scores for more photos.

London PDFs Now Online (posted:10/7/2008)
Download any section of the brand spankin' new London book for only $1.50 each. Choose from Central, West, North, East, Southeast, and Southwest London as well as the back half sections Parks & Places, Colleges & Universities, Sports, Transport, General Information, and Arts & Entertainment. You'll have the whole city at your fingertips before the book is even available. Start downloading now.

NYC 2009 Now on Sale (posted:9/19/2008)
Get a few dozen today.

The Official NFT New York City Waterfalls Map Now Online (posted:6/26/2008)
The brilliant artist Olafur Eliasson has created the most anticipated public arts project in New York since the Gates in Central Park. Four gigantic waterfalls will be roaring along the New York waterfront from 7 am to 10 pm until October 13, 2008. NFT collaborated with the Public Art Fund to create the official map showing the best vantage points to take in this astounding visual treat.

Click here to download a PDF of the map.

Chicago Party Wrap Up (posted:6/7/2008)
Almost 200 NFT fans flocked to the fabulous Gold Star Bar in the Ukrainian Village to party down and get a free book. A special shout to Aaron's parents for being the life the party for the second year in a row!

Check out the photo gallery.

OMFG: NFT on Gossip Girl (posted:5/6/2008)
Spotted: Lovely ladies turning to their handy Not For Tourists guide to help them navigate New York City. The Gossip Girl episode on Monday, May 5th featured actress Michelle Trachtenberg (aka the evil Georgina) flipping through NFT New York.

NFT #1 Travel Book for New York on Amazon! (posted:3/13/2008)
Our scrappy, homegrown tome has finally pulled ahead of Zagat's, Fodor's, Frommer's, and all those other long-established titles that have clean, well-lit offices, oodles of paid staff, and Spitzeresque production budgets. We suppose those august guidebook publishers might not be all that excited at such a tiny victory over their competitors. What can we say? We are easily made glad. Check out the link.

NFT London (posted:1/2/2008)
We're finally going international! After receiving hundreds of requests for European guides, we're kicking off our overseas adventures with The NFT Guide to London. (The one in the UK, not the one in Ontario.) Keep an eye out for a fall 2008 release.

NFT Seattle 2008 Party: Thanks For Coming Out (posted:11/9/2007)
To celebrate the first-ever edition of Seattle, we threw a kick-ass bash at one of our favorite Seattle hangouts. We had over 300 fine folks turn out for the festivities at the Twilight Exit. If you missed out on the fun, you can still pick up a copy of NFT Seattle. And make sure to sign up for the Seattle NFT Newsletter to learn about other events happening around town. Here's a few photos from the event.

New York 2008 Party at Spiegelworld = Huge Success! (posted:10/1/2007)
Thanks to all you fine folks who headed out to Spiegelworld on Friday September 28th. Unofficial semi-drunken estimates range from 1,000 to 1,200 as the attendance, by far the hugest NFT party ever. We gave away over 500 New York books in just 45 minutes. Wow.

NFT Chicago Party and Printers Row Book Fair (posted:6/11/2007)
Thanks to everyone who came out to Club Foot. We had a great turn out, met some cool Chicago folks, and drank some beer. Ok, we drank a lot of beer. Also, a big shout out to the fine folks at Club Foot for hosting NFT and to - Chicago for promoting the event. We also had a record setting weekend at the Printers Row book fair and we completely sold out of every single book! Thanks Chicago.

NFT Video on You Yube (posted:5/4/2007)
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Not For Tourists office in Chinatown.

Best NFT Blog Entry Ever (posted:5/2/2007)
Tim is an expert on Bibles. He lives by the real Bible, but gets around by his urban bible--NFT. Check it out.

NFT LA Party and Book Festival (posted:4/27/2007)
We had a great turn out for our release party. We love Footsies! We also sold a ton of books at the LA Times Book Festival and garnered lots of attention in LA.

Philly Party and Book Festival: A Good Time Had By All (posted:4/21/2007)

I Left My NFT in San Francisco (posted:3/22/2007)
Check out this great article on New York guidebooks from The San Francisco Chronicle published on March 22. They put NFT to the test against other little black travel books.

Brooklyn Parties Down with NFT (posted:10/30/2006)

NFT Featured in the New Yorker (posted:9/4/2006)
Yeah, we know this was published months ago, but we're still in talkin' it up. It's the motherf*#king New Yorker after all! Check it out here.

NFT on the Leornard Lopate Show on WNYC (posted:2/3/2006)
NFT founders Rob Tallia and Jane Pirone discuss the nitty gritty of the guides in Part One, while Craig Nelson and Jennifer Keeney Sendrow talk about Brooklyn and Queens in Part Two.