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Address: 1091 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
Neighborhood: Inman Park / Little Five Points
Phone: 404-588-0250
Website: www.elmyr.com/
Nightlife Dingy, chaotic, and beautiful.

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El Hole-in-the-Wall Goodness
Posted by:  Beth Linder

Smack dab in the middle of the eccentric hot spot of Atlanta, known as Little Five Points, a sign of bright, buzzing neon blue light will be sure to catch the eye of the passerby. In fact, that sign was most likely designed like a fluorescent bug catcher to initially attract patrons (without eventually extinguishing them, of course), as they would probably otherwise miss this bar/restaurant entirely. The joint is El Myr (yes, this place meets the qualifications necessary to be classified as a joint) and the quesadillas are out of this world. The bar will offer standing room only, and customers who thought ahead and made a reservation will enjoy dinner from either the small, but comfortably crammed dining area or opt for some elbowroom out on the covered patio. If you can brave the typical packed house of the weekend and enjoy your beer and burrito beneath a low-hanging cloud of smoke, you’re in for a mighty fine time. So grab a Yuengling and order up some Tex-Mex style bar food, delivered in Brando-sized portion. Chips and salsa are a must, and if you enjoy a mouth of fire, I challenge you to the house queso. Buena suerte!

Photo:  Beth Linder
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One Badass Burrito
Posted by:  Josh Green

This "burrito lounge" is a breath of fresh air for foodies looking for that dark, interesting environ that's still decidedly NOT nonsmoking. Even on Sunday, the Pall Mall smoke crawls along the walls of El Myr (rhymes with 'beer'), an unassuming house-shack in the heart of Little Five Points. This place is eons away from its stale, franchised competition down the street. The food and spirits here are cheap and plentiful, the decor like a nightmarish collage of Warhol meats the A-Team. A pint of sangria will set you back a mere $4, a bottle of Heineken just $3. My particular fave, the hulking BBQ chicken burrito ($6.50), comes with a subsequent nap. Alongside a burrito, the chips, salsa and guacamole trifecta ($5.25) is enough for two very hearty eaters. The guacamole in particular--equal parts creamy and soft-chunky--is not to be missed. Don't be put off by the foreboding, ragged exterior and occasional wobbling roadie at the door. This is a cool joint with some succulent-ass cuisine.

Photo:  Josh Green
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El Myr
Posted by:  Lauren Begnaud

One can be certain when they walk into the murky, smoke-filled bar, that El Myr is definitely a place where true locals dine. The space might be small and the interior might be off-putting to some, but this relatively hole-in-the-wall burrito joint has the best burritos in town. It is relatively easy to find, since it's located next to The Variety Playhouse and the dishes are monstrous, and well-worth every penny. Vegetarians, meat eaters, vegans, and pescatarians alike can all find comfort in the menu. El Myr offers a Hazedilla for the vegans loaded with mushrooms, broccoli, rice, bell peppers, red onions, and spinach, and also have the option of tofu instead of meat to accompany your meal. While the Salsa is a bit on the mediocre side, there is nary a customer who will leave feeling unsatisfied with their meal. A few favorites to try: The steak burrito, the fish taco, and the BBQ chicken quesadilla. The cherry on top? Reasonably-priced beer. Make sure to go hungry, or you'll leave with a lot of leftovers.

Photo:  Lauren Begnaud
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El Myr Burrito Lounge
Posted by:  Mark Rogers

It always starts so innocently at El Myr; seductions always do. It’s the restaurant/bar version of that person you know you shouldn’t get involved with, but do because she/he is easy to be around and doesn’t ask much from you. It’s nearly impossible not to have a good meal, drink a bellyful of liquor, and hang out with friends on the cheap here. I love the unique and good-tasting burritos (the fish burritos rule; the potato, black olive, and corn burrito is a work of genius) and the music on their jukebox. I am going to go out on a limb and say that I don’t know a person who hasn’t gotten shit-faced at El Myr. I have a memory of drinking so much there one night that I went out to clear my head and the next thing I knew, I was standing in some unguarded back doorway of the Variety Playhouse next door watching Dinosaur Jr. Yeah, it’s dingy and chaotic, and sometimes you can’t get a seat, but the alternative is soulless flattery at some hipster bar where no one’s sincere and you’re not rich/thin enough to go home with her/him anyway.

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