Cooking Fools
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Address: 1916 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
Neighborhood: Wicker Park / Ukrainian Village
Phone: 773-276-5565
Services Caterers and a cooking school. Foolish.

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You Know It
Posted by:  Kristen Orser

When I don't want to cook but want to entertain, I've been known to call Cooking Fools and have them cater the whole party. I don't usually tell my guests and I think they are utterly impressed thinking I've done so much work. I knew Cooking Fools had good catering. I knew I could pick up a pretty inexpensive catfish sandwich for lunch, and I knew I could rely on them for fancy chocolate and tea from their small retail store, but I didn't know how awesome their cooking classes are. Cooking Fools isn't content to just cook for you party after party and day after day, they actually want to teach you how to do it yourself. Most of the teaching classes have a complimentary drink and, after you finish that one, you can by beer by the bottle and wine by the glass. By the time you finish drinking, you won't think even your cooking's that bad.

Photo:  Kristen Orser
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Cooking Fools
Posted by:  David Rosenstock

Not your average dining experience—in fact, it’s not a restaurant at all, but rather a deli case full of mouth-watering ready-to-eat or re-heat catered foods. If Chicago were to unravel into chaos, this would be the first place I’d loot. Stuffing my pockets full of mango curry chicken, green beans with shitake mushrooms, eggplant folded over pine nuts and Gouda, turkey meatloaf, Marcona almond crusted tilapia, I’d score enough food to last me through the civil unrest. Actually, I’ve already started preparing. Look in my fridge and you’ll find stacks of Cooking Fools Tupperware. It’s not any more expensive than shopping at Whole Foods, and this way I never singe my hair on the stove or have to clean rotten vegetables out of the crisper. Plus, choose-your-own-size portions makes for prepackaged lunches everyone at the office will be jealous of.

Photo:  David Rosenstock
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