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Address: 29-19 24th Ave, Queens, NY 11102 (Cross street: 29th St)
Neighborhood: Astoria     Book: Queens
Specifics: NFT Pick, Outdoors / Patio
Phone: 718-274-4925
Nightlife Over 100 years old; room for 500 in the garden.

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Czech It Out
Posted by:  Rebecca Katherine Hirsch

Everything everyone tells me about Astoria is a lie. No more Greek inhabitants? Tell that to the Phoenician-descended signage. No more cool Astorians? Tell that to the drugged-out '90s club kids, suited dullards, yapping old people and alien laborers laboring under the delusion that life is worth living. OK, fine, I'm wrong. But another thing people lie to me about in regard to Astoria is that there are no more Czechs and Slovaks. But the Bohemian Beer Garden is affiliated with a Czech-Slovak language school and only admits Astorians of Czech and Slovak descent into its secret Bohemian Citizen's Benevolent Society of Astoria. And the garden has light beer, dark beer, French fries, sauerkraut, sausages, uncomfortable benches (ouch, my incisors) and an enormous outdoor 'hall' (or whatever) space. OK, fine, I'm wrong. There are no more Czechs.

Photo:  Rebecca Katherine Hirsch
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It may not be the Second Wave, but you can still party like it's 1888 at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. Hear what old hand Charlie Mankopf has to say about the changes, the Czech/Slovak Only policy in the Bohemian Benevolent Society and the proliferance of non-Astorians in Astoria.