Sabrina's Cafe
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Address: 910 Christian St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (Cross street: S Percy St)
Neighborhood: Bella Vista / Queen Village
Specifics: Brunch, BYOB, NFT Pick, Vegan, Vegetarian
Phone: 215-574-1599
Cost: $$
Credit Cards: Yes
Closing Time: 10 pm
Restaurants Brunch specials and great décor, plus polenta fries.

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Best Days=Weekdays
Posted by:  Abby Baker

While there are many scrumptious cafes in Philly, nothing compares to Sabrina's. First of all, the cozy atmosphere is as welcoming as your relative's house around the holidays, minus your drunk and belligerent uncle Eddie. As Ella Fitzgerald plays softly in the background, you realize that figuring out what to order is more difficult than a teenage girl choosing a prom dress. All of the items look so darn tasty! If you absolutely love bread (and really, how couldn't you?) then I recommend the "Stuffed Caramelized Challah French Toast." This enormous meal is topped with bananas and vanilla bean syrup and smashed together with heaping amounts of cream cheese. If you can eat the entire thing in one sitting, you are my hero. Since I know you can't wait to try this place out, I must advise you to do so on a weekday, especially if you’re one of those people like me, who tends to eat alone and avoid happy couples brunching on the weekends. Ick.

Photo:  Abby Baker
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Posted by:  Meg Favreau

I can name, off the top of my head, ten amazing restaurants in Philadelphia where there is never a line for brunch. So why people constantly flock to Sabrina’s, I’m clueless. Sure, it’s good. It’s very good. When I went recently, I had pumpkin pancakes decked with fresh berries. Hell, it was divine. But we waited AN HOUR AND A HALF to get a table. I could have watched a quasi-amusing Will Ferrell comedy in that time period. Or at the very least I could have done something more interesting than putting most of my weight on one leg for five minutes, then switching to the other leg when those five minutes were up. But hey. Maybe your dominatrix cancelled on you this week, and you’re desperate for someone to make you wait and grovel. And in that case, I’d wholeheartedly recommend Sabrina’s. Your dominatrix probably doesn’t give you very good pancakes anyway.

Photo:  Meg Favreau
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Sabrina’s Café
Posted by:  Alex Morales

To be honest with you, breakfast and lunch aren’t rituals I engage in very often, to say nothing of brunch. Usually, I combine all my meals into one grand spectacle I like to call “brincher,” which consists of heaping servings of bar food that I shovel into my mouth in between delicate, ladylike sips of lager. I kid you. Sort of. In any case, when I do decide to join the rest of the world and eat like normal people do (before 5 pm for example), I dig Sabrina’s. Case in point: about a week ago, I arranged a lunch date with a friend of a friend, a foxy Florida transplant who’s unfamiliar with the city. Now, I can spot out an opportunity when I see one, and if I know anything about first dates, I know that picking the right place goes a long way. Not too pretentious, but not too casual either, Sabrina’s strikes just the right note for a pleasant afternoon out. The food (which is great) is served attractively and in just the right proportions by friendly, attentive servers, and sidewalk tables are available for the sunny days. My date, of course, was duly impressed. Right up until I subjected him to my table manners.

Photo:  Alex Morales
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Sabrina’s Cafe
Posted by:  Kristin Detterline

Remember all of that crap your mom and high-school gym teacher told you about breakfast being the most important meal of the day? Just try and get a table at Sabrina’s on the weekends and you’ll become a believer. Starting at 10 am, a mostly bohemian crowd starts milling around out front waiting for tables—sometimes for up to an hour. (Luckily, the oh-so-nice owners keep a coffee cart outside on really cold days). Heavy-handed chefs dish out some of the most generously sized brunch dishes you’ll ever see. I’ve split the scrambled eggs before and the stuffed French toast with cream cheese and fresh fruit, and still left satisfied. Menus have regular morning fare (brunch is available all day) but the chalkboards are where you’ll find the good stuff: daily specials, homemade soups, and seasonal creations. Oh, did I mention Sabrina’s dinner is just as good as what’s cooking in the morning? The meatloaf (an unexciting dish by nature) scores points for its cheesy filling; Mum Mum’s chicken soup is better than anything mine ever threw in a pot. The best tables are in the room adjacent to the main counter.

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