If By Food You Mean Drink

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Business/Location: The Foodery
Address: 837 N 2nd St
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Zip Code: 19123
Phone: 215-238-6077
Website: www.fooderybeer.com

Posted by:  Julius DeAngelus
Photo:  Julius DeAngelus
   The Foodery
The name's Foodery. And it does have food...sandwiches, chips, sodas, blah, blah. But it also has BEER! Lots and lots of it! In fact, half the place is filled with shelves and shelves of the beautiful stuff. They claim (and there is absolutely no reason for me to argue) they have 700+ different brands in their coolers. You can get your standards, even (God forbid) Bud, Coors Light...but you can also get Speak Easy, Spaten, Flying Fish, even HeBrew! You can also mix and match four and six packs, though it will likely cost you somewhere between $10 and $30 depending on how exotic the brand. The rarity and the cost increase from left to right, just to give you a heads up but you'll probably spend an hour just looking at the cool labels if you're someone like me. Grab a sandwich and a brew (but please, not Bud Light!)

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