Old-School Burger Time

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Business/Location: Masters Diner
Address: 32 Henrietta St
City: London
Post Code: WC2E 8NA
Phone: 020 7240 9266

Posted by:  Lee Mannion
Photo:  Lee Mannion
   Masters Diner
Sieving the city for it's best burger is an unending quest. A new joint is always springing up promising Gourmet this or Classic that but I'm suspicious of the new pretenders to the throne, which is why I'm often tempted to let the old-school have a punt. A charitable urge to support the underdog in the face of the flash new upstarts sucked me inside Masters. The plastic tables are wipe down friendly and the overall colour scheme is classic '70s caff yellow and brown. The burger turned up looking homemade from the smallest kitchen in the world, complete with a gherkin (always a good sign). As I stuffed it in my gob an ooze of oil drained out of it that made me suspect it had been deep fried, rather than grilled--not good. The onions went into the sandwich in an attempt to glean some taste from the whole package but it was to no avail and I was reminded why the new kids on the block are doing so well while my arteries hardened. Pros are its not McD's, the salad was fresh and the heaving plate cost a bargain £6.

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