Broadway Dance Center

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Business/Location: Broadway Dance Center
Address: 322 W 45th St
City: New York
State: NY
Zip Code: 10036
Phone: 212-582-9304

Posted by:  Ran Lee
Photo:  Ran Lee
Unlike other schools who work on a ‘semester’ or ‘sessions’ schedule, Broadway offers all of their classes a la carte. Even if you purchase a bundle of ten classes, it’s absolutely your prerogative to spend them as you choose. Use them all for ballet or spread them out over different genres. If you want to take a tap class one week, a hip hop class another week, and a jazz class the next, they don’t mind. Classes are categorizedby level of difficulty, so a beginner’s hip-hop class will learn a far simpler routine than an intermediate. The problem is there’s no way to figure out your level until you take a class, so choose wisely.

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