The Smell of Nostalgia

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Business/Location: Kennedy's
Address: 5 Leigham Court Rd
City: Streatham Hill
State: London
Post Code: SW16 2ND
Phone: 020 8100 5000

Posted by:  Lee Mannion
Photo:  Lee Mannion
Unless you've grown up in the UK, it's hard to explain our love of the Fish n Chip shop. Even my girlfriend, who is currently into raw food and eats super healthily, has to have the occasional hit. From as early as I can remember, Friday meant my Dad coming home with a warm package of food, while my Mum kept the plates warm in the oven. As much as anything, it was the smell of the hot fish combining with the paper that got me salivating. It's tied up with the excitement of getting your Dad home for 2 whole days and the Fall Guy being on TV for me: Fridays were brilliant. The legacy is my inability to pass by a chip shop, especially on a cold night when that same smell will always find its way into your nostrils. They say comfort food does well in a recession and now there's Kennedy's. It's the kind of place you thought only existed in '50s Northern England--even the sign speaks of days gone by. Obviously it was the smell coming out of the door that got me but everything is good. Don't even get me started on their pies.

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