About Us

When we say “Not For Tourists”, it is related to our philosophy to introduce you to a place and show you how to experience it like a local. You know how all those popular spots always have a lot of attractions especially made for tourists. Well, we want to show you some hidden gems instead. You know, a hidden beach only locals know about, or a bar where you will have a much better night than in those “nothing special” diners located in the center.

Our Mission

We believe the best way to explore a place is not as a fleeting visitor but as an integral part of the local community, even if just for a while. Our mission is to equip you with the insights and connections that make this possible, so every trip you take is rich with authentic experiences.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to peel back the layers of typical tourist experiences and give you access to the heart of each destination—the neighborhoods, eateries, and hidden spots that locals love. We focus on creating a bridge between you and genuine local life. We meticulously select destinations that are not just popular, but also enriching and full of life as experienced by those who live there.

Meet the Authors

Traveling the world brings its own adventures and challenges, but having a team to share the journey with makes all the difference. Get to know the people behind the scenes who have become like family over countless miles and memories made together along the way.

Wendy, our fearless leader and head writer, first caught the travel bug in college when she took every chance to explore beyond the classroom. “I was always so curious about what else was out there,” she recalls fondly of wandering European streets between studies or volunteering far from home. Now with years of intrepid trekking under her belt, she loves nothing more than visiting new places and cultures to unearth untold stories. When she’s not on the road researching her next article, you’ll find Wendy in her DC office dreaming up the next big trip as a team. “Some of my favorite memories have been made with this group,” she says.

Cameron is the techie wizard keeping us all connected from wherever wanderlust takes him. These days, despite nearly a decade on the move, he still gets that familiar feeling of wanderlust. After taking a “gap year” that turned into a gap life on the road, we’re glad he’s found a way to mix his passion for seeing the world with his skills. Wherever Cameron’s travels bring him next, we can’t wait to hear his stories from the inside.

Ready to travel like a local? Join us on this journey to discover the true spirit of places far and wide. Start your adventure today and see the world through a new lens!