10 Best Local Favorite Dining Spots in LA

Los Angeles is a city that is known for its diverse culinary scene and offers a variety of dining spots that cater to all tastes. Here are some of the best local favorites that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Poppy + Rose (Downtown)

Poppy + Rose Restaurant Inside

Poppy + Rose in Downtown LA is a gem. Their buttermilk chicken and waffles are a must-try. Crispy chicken paired with fluffy waffles is a match made in heaven. The patty melts are also a favorite.  When it comes to the interiors, the place feels cozy and welcoming.

If you visit, try to sit on the patio; it’s perfect for a relaxed brunch with family. The vibe is very laid-back, making it a great spot to catch up with friends. Plus, the service is always friendly and attentive, which adds to the overall experience. You might even find yourself coming back for their amazing coffee and pastries.

2. Carousel Restaurant (Hollywood)

Carousel Restaurant - Glendale - California

Carousel Restaurant has been around since 1984, serving delicious Armenian food. The small plates are perfect for sharing, and the live music and belly dancing create a pretty lively atmosphere. It’s fun and vibrant, making it a great spot for family dinners. You might even spot a Kardashian!

The decor is warm and inviting, with traditional Armenian touches that make you feel at home. Kids will love the entertainment, and adults will appreciate the flavorful dishes. Don’t forget to try their famous kebabs; they’re a hit with everyone.

3. Joselito’s Mexican Food (Tujunga)

Joselito's Mexican Food Tujunga

Joselito’s Mexican Food in Tujunga is a classic. They’ve been serving up great Mexican food since 1977. The tableside guacamole is fresh and fun to watch them make. Tequila cocktails are a hit, trust me, and the Chile Colorado – you have to try it.

It’s a very family-friendly place, perfect for the kids. It’s the kind of place where you can relax and enjoy a long, leisurely meal. And the portions are generous, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

4. Guelaguetza (Koreatown)

Guelaguetza Restaurant

Guelaguetza in Koreatown is all about Oaxacan food. Their moles are rich and flavorful, and the live mariachi band adds that festive touch. This family-owned restaurant offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a fantastic spot for a cultural dining experience and a great place to introduce kids to new flavors and music. Plus, the service is always top-notch!

5. Sasabune (Beverly Hills)

Sasabune Beverly Hills

Sasabune in Beverly Hills offers a unique sushi experience with their chef’s choice menu. Established in 1993, they serve top-notch seafood like sea urchins and monkfish liver. The place has a very intimate setting, making it a great choice for a special night out.

The quality of the sushi is worth every penny. It’s the kind of place where you sit back and let the chef take you wherever they want. The seafood is always fresh. It’s perfect for a date night or a special occasion with loved ones.

6. Home Restaurant (Los Feliz)

Home Restaurant in Los Feliz

Home Restaurant in Los Feliz is perfect for weekday breakfasts and weekend brunches. Their short rib pot pie and baby back ribs are definitely among the favorites. My favorite part is the full bar and signature cocktails. The homestyle dinners make this place feel like a home away from home. It’s a great spot to unwind and enjoy a hearty meal with family.

7. Gasolina Cafe (Woodland Hills)

Gasolina Cafe in Los Angeles

Gasolina Cafe in Woodland Hills combines Spanish flavors with a Californian twist. Their caramelized onion and potato tortillas are amazing, and the paella is a must-try.  Chef Sandra Cordero’s dishes are full of flavor, and the wine list is impressive.

It’s a casual spot with great food. I have to mention that the coffee is excellent, which makes it a great place for breakfast or brunch.

8. Antico Nuovo (East Larchmont Village)

Antico Nuovo Restaurant in LA

Antico Nuovo offers rustic Italian food. I’d pappardelle in beef and veal-tongue ragu is rich and satisfying. The cozy atmosphere makes it a perfect place for a relaxed dinner with family or friends. The open kitchen adds a nice touch, allowing you to see the chefs at work.

The desserts, especially the ice cream, are a treat not to be missed. It’s a place where you can linger over your meal and enjoy good company.

9. All Day Baby (Silver Lake)

All Day Baby Silver Lake

All Day Baby in Silver Lake is a retro-inspired diner that serves up fantastic breakfast sandwiches and hotcakes. Their boozy slushies are a fun twist. It’s a great spot for people-watching and enjoying a casual meal.

The atmosphere is lively and fun, perfect for a weekend brunch. The decor is quirky and colorful, adding to the diner vibe. The staff is always cheerful, making you feel right at home. It’s a great place to bring the kids for a fun breakfast or brunch outing.

10. Osteria Mamma (Hollywood)

Osteria Mamma Los Angeles

Osteria Mamma in Hollywood offers Venetian specialties that are to die for. Their thin-crust pizzas are crispy and flavorful, and the tiramisu is the perfect way to end your meal. The Cortivo family creates a welcoming environment with white tablecloths and a beautiful wine wall. It looks so warm and cozy.

The pasta dishes are fresh and delicious, making it hard to choose just one. It’s a great spot for a romantic dinner or a special family meal.

In summary

LA just seems like the ultimate foodie destination, doesn’t it? There’s really something for every mood and meal. Some days you just want a laidback brunch in a cute cafe, right? And other times, you’re feeling a lively dinner with a side of live music or entertainment. Or what about treating yourself to a truly elegant, sit-down experience?

Just think – warm weather, good food, and quality time with my besties. What’s not to love?!