A Complete Visitors Guide To Bordeaux 2024 – Written By A Local!

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One of the most popular tourist destinations, France is gearing up to become the ultimate travel destination in 2024 by offering eco-friendly holidays, slow travel, and sustainable tourism. But, when visiting a culturally and historically rich place like France, there’s always a fear of missing out on something.

How about trusting the locals this time and ditching the Instagrammable cafes and outings that France offers?

From bamboo forests to pink salt pans or prehistoric horses to chalets on stilts, there’s a lot that France Off The Beaten Path offers to you.

One such gem in France is Bordeaux. Here’s everything you should know about why this place is worth visiting.

A Verbal Spree To Bordeaux’s Beauty

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Bordeaux, France, is a stunning city that should be on the top of the charts. Apart from its historical and cultural outlook, its architecture is top-notch. You should be ready to witness the vibrant wine culture, views, and incredible attractions.

Geographically, it is located in the south of Nantes and promises a unique experience to anyone visiting this place. There’s so much to do and so long; the only thing that’ll need to catch up is time. From nature to its water bodies, explorations on foot or on bike, there’s a plethora of things to be done. Here’s a visitor’s guide straight from the heart of the locals to help you make the most of your visit to Bordeaux in 2024!

  • Monumental Visits

The heritage and history of this place are a blessing. The Girondins Monument, Saint-Andre Cathedral, and the Cailhau Gate are some places you should visit. The Musee d’Aquitaine is the largest museum, and there are Roman artifacts. Also, this place is a jackpot for all lovers of ancient and medieval history.

You can get the CityPass and the Junior City Pass. These are the best hacks for money saving here. These passes help you gain unlimited access to public transport, and you can fix your visit to at least fifteen monuments and museums.

  • Wine Tasting Tour

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Bordeaux is famous for its wine and, hence, a luxury for anyone with a thing for it. The wine tours will host you to different vineyards and wineries in different city corners. Also, you can learn the wine-making process. The fineness in the wines of this place is heavenly. Brace your taste buds for that!

Another must-visit is to the Cite de Vin, where you can go back in time and discover the new sensory trail called the ‘Via Sensoria.’ The experience is spellbound in itself, and apart from the visionary art, you get to taste as many as four different wines hailing from different corners of the world. However, it will help if you have your advanced bookings done.

  • Strolling Along The Garonne River

You’ll find this broad river in Bordeaux, and nature’s bounty there is extraordinary. It is the star of Bordeaux as the view is hysterically beautiful, and it also links the Mediterranean Sea to the Bay of Biscay, which is aesthetically pleasing. Also, if you want a peaceful evening watching the sunset, this is the place for you.

  • Soulful Visit To The Performances Offered By The National Opera Of Bordeaux

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The grand theatre has been ruling the city since the 1790s. The entry doors are open for you, and you can find yourself in the middle of a massive setup with a grand staircase. You should attend a ballet session or an opera performance if time allows. It is nothing short of magnificent. That’s a definite memory that you are going to carry for life.

There’s an eclectic program that is an excellent pick for different kinds of audiences and their budgets. Some performances are free, while others are perfect for young adults. Also, 2024 is the year for the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Paris in July. The good thing is that the Olympic flame will pass through this beautiful city.

  • Gourmet Speciality Tasting

The gastronomy is in the southwest of the city, and you should take time to stroll through the cute shops in different parts of the street. Amid this, you should make sure not to miss out on the historic Capucins market, which has the nickname of being the belly of Bordeaux.

Its pleasing vibe is sure to attract you. The Chartrons market is located on the quayside and has a variety of stalls that you’ll love. In a few years, the market halls have lit up like anything and have a variety of stalls, including the ones that offer fresh farm produce. Also, if you miss home during your holiday, you can always reach this place and get your hands on some home-cooked meals. If food is your kick for exploring new places, you must also visit Halls de Talence, commonly known as the foodcourt version of Halle Boca.

  • Marvel At The Musee des Beaux-Arts

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If you visit Paris between March and June, you have to see this place and have the chance to admire two great masterpieces on loan to the MusBa: Edouard Manet’s Balcon and Claude Monet’s Cabane des Douaniers. The Musee des Beaux-Arts welcomes two distinguished guests and showcases its collection from pre-impressionism to post-impressionism. Also, you are likely to discover different works from celebrated artists.

You must have the city’s best views, and you can do that while sipping your favorite drinks at rooftop restaurants. There are a dozen options, and you can choose anyone based on its atmosphere and offerings. If you like trendy, you’ll love the possibilities, and if you want an intimate setup, you have different options to explore. The food ranges from all options to serving your hunger bugs for breakfast or dinner.


The best way to explore this place is by joining the groups and tours that offer visits to Bordeaux in 2024. There’s nothing like discovering an authentic place; when a group is working their best to give you the best travel itinerary, everything can go smoothly. But, with so much competition, you should always choose a company that offers experience, expertise, and authenticity.

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