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Gut Heavingly Good

La Fonda West

I’ll never forget my first meal at La Fonda. The day after St. Patty’s, I’m visiting my girlfriend in Atlanta, hungover like late-’90s Mickey Rourke. She introduces me to the delicious little wonders that are fried plantains. Then, as always, the paella del mar arrives at our table with blinding speed. Halfway through the pan, I beeline to the toilet and ralph my brains out. All that succulent shrimp, salmon and clam in a pink puree before me. Biggest party foul in human history. Despite that unsettling introduction, I’m still giddy to go back to La Fonda, no matter which one. La Fonda’s fifth metro Atlanta location is another winner, what with the airy patio and courteous waitstaff. And it’s yet another attractive addition to the Howell Mill Road corridor, across the street from gut-busting Chowbaby. Consider it an option when lines are too long across the street. And pop in only when your guts are feeling up to it.

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‘Tis the Fifth Season

5 Seasons Brewery

Located at the burgeoning corner of Howell Mill Road and Marietta Street comes the long awaited 5 Seasons Brewery Westside, brother to its eponymous siblings in The Prado and Alpharetta. The fare here is local and organic to the max–and priced as if they’d skinny dipped for each oyster and took lashings for the romaine. But hey, the food’s all from within a two-hour radius of the ATL, no exceptions, and the spectacular environs are worth a little splurge. The best dish I tried was actually an appetizer, Kari Kari Crab and Cream Cheese Dumplings in Ponzu Sauce, the blueblood cousin of Crab Ragoon. The house IPA is the tastiest and most potent of the three beers I tried. In all fairness, the place had hardly opened when I partook in the stunning views from its massive deck (where there’s ample parking, in the sky). The restaurant is massive, replete with a beer garden not yet open to the public. Stop in June 9 at 5:55 p.m. (get it?) for the grand opening, featuring free suds and nosh.

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Under The Sea

Six Feet Under

Seafood is delicious done right, but the good stuff can be hard to find in a landlocked city. Enter Six Feet Under. Between the original on Memorial Drive to the newer outpost on 11th Street, this is one way Atlantans can find fun and great seafood in just the right combination. When the weather’s nice, the 11th Street location boasts a deck meant for enjoyment and one of the best views around of the city skyline. Both spots serve up some of the freshest shrimp, scallops, catfish and group dishes around. The garlicky, buttery shrimp-and-scallop app, cooked in a parchment-paper-like pouch, is the winning starter, while the fish taco combos, shrimp and grits, or baked group–a delicious concoction top with roasted red peppers and asparagus, served on a huge bed of tasty spinach–are entree standouts. Have a drink at the bar, watch the pretty people gather and get your seafood on right, even five hours inland!

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