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We’re On Holiday Break

NFT Shop

So please don’t take offense at our encroaching lack of Radars. We’ll be out of the office till January 5, doing the things we do best: poaching, loafing and loving. In tandem. We wish our loyal NFT fanatics a Merry Vacation and hope for the best in the new, mysterious year to come–a year in which Barack Obama will be knighted, Slovakia will adopt the Euro as its national currency and a new constitution will be instituted in the Falkland Islands. But before we light out, a friendly reminder that we are seriously poor and hungry. If you choose to stimulate the economy by buying our products from the NFT Shop, all we have to say to that is amen.

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It’s Good For You!

Posted By:  Ingrid Mattson
Photo:  Ingrid Mattson

Old Town Ale House

I love this place. Even when I lived an hour outside of Seattle, I managed to get here at least one Sunday a month. Why Sunday? Dunno–maybe I’ve subconsciously associated the fries at this place with the sacred. Their fries are thin and crisp and tossed with Parmesan and savory, unidentifiable spices; they always come hot and the salty seasoning melts on your tongue. I could rave about everything else on the menu as well: the onion rings are lightly battered and crisp; the onions inside are cooked through but still firm enough that you don’t feel like you’re eating mush. The Caesar salad has huge, crunchy, spicy croutons and comes with whole anchovies on request. The cod in the fish and chips is battered in Panko, so it’s crisp and light and cooked through but still firm. The sandwiches come on giant rolls and sometimes a wet nap (brilliant!). To top it off, they’ve got quality servers that anticipate your needs such as bringing a pitcher of Coke to a thirsty table of three or ensuring your beer glass never goes dry. This place must be heaven.

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The Beauty of a Bean

Posted By:  Jessica Baxter
Photo:  Jessica Baxter

Cafe Van Gogh

Van Gogh is the Spiderman of coffee shops; it’s friendly, neighborhoody and kicks the asses of other coffee shops. Starbucks employees have to go to boot camp to learn the customer service techniques that these ladies innately possess. They don’t just know what your “yooj” is. They know your name, your kids and your dog and they genuinely how your day is going. You know that Tukwila coffee stand which draws business with bikini babes? To that I say “whatevs.” You can put a bikini on a monkey but that doesn’t mean it can make a cappuccino. The Van Gogh girls are cute and talented. Your foam has never been so silky and your shot (or shots) will be perfect every time. You can get your drink to go, but you’ll probably want to hang out for a while for the free wi-fi and yummy food. How do you like your sandwich? With eggs and bakey? Classic deli-style? Panini toasted? In pie form? Prefer a fresh cookie or pastry? You got it! You have to wait for the weekend for the quiche. But the personalized attention from your friendly neighborhood barista, you can have every day.

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Off-Leash Love

Posted By:  Sara Dow
Photo:  Sara Dow

Westcrest Park

A good off-leash dog park is worth its weight in gold. Most people have been to Magnuson and Marymoor, but there’s a hidden gem in Delridge–Westcrest Park. It’s definitely in the hood, but man oh man is it cool. There’s so much space that even if a lot of dogs show up, it never feels crowded. Your pup has a choice between 5 different environs: a wood chipped dog run, a shaded picnic area, a grassy section, these huge cement pipes, or the walking loop. There’s also a separate small-and-shy dog area with its own grassy section and picnic table, and there’s running water in two places. You can even connect up to the West Duwamish Greenbelt, a series of trails through the woods (you’ll need your leash). The best thing though is the community nature of it all–people fill containers with bags for public use and share chuck-its and balls.

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